Tax and single Gite rental query

Can anyone simlify the process of how to register to rent out a single Gite and the 2 options of Tax.
Basically I understand that one option can claim expenses and the other can’t.

Regina, you need to go to your Mairie and have your gite properly registered as a meuble de tourisme.
You can choose to have any income declared on your normal tax return, which does not give you as much allowance against expenses as you would should you choose to become a micro entrepreneur, but avoids much paperwork and having to have dealings with the RSI.

Thanks Jane,

apparently one gives free French lessons and health coverage so I assume that is only the micro entrepreneur.

Where on earth did you read this ?? Micro entrepreneur is a business structure. It has nothing to do with French lessons. (Although there’s no doubt that good French is a great advantage if you’re going to set up a micro entreprise.)

Also, I’m assuming that you are not applying “free” to “health coverage”. Micro entrepreneur does give access to health care, but certainly not “free”…