Tax Declaration 2022 for Worldwide Income 2021

So I don’t need to send in a copy of my passport?

I’ve just looked again…
nowhere on the last page (which is an appendix anyway) do I mention a passport…
which page number? (all the pages are numbered…)

Eh!? On the online form there are two a pages [G.L. pp39/40 in 3916] where you list your overseas bank a/cs. Fill in the boxes - a /c holder. Bank. Date a/c opened. Bank address. a/c # That’s it - mas o menos. No need for bits of A4 paper …

Have I got that right @graham ?

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basically yes Chris… but there is (was) a school of thought that suggested (before the online 3916 submission) that a sheet of paper with the account details would suffice. Now, the online submission can cope with 99 accounts… If you have that many foreign accounts, well :roll_eyes:
There’s nowhere on the online submission to send in a copy of the accounts via the internet that I recall and I’m sure the Fisc would be suspicious of any file being uploaded on to their system (cyber attack reasons).

Its not on the guide its on the summary. Updated 13 April 2022/GL

I have a Spanish a/c which is dead but will not lie down until I physically go to a branch in Spain and close it. :persevere:.

I’m not looking fwd to that. I once spent 1/2 hr in a branch, to change my address. It didn’t work. I then spent 1hr 45 mins with a young lad who had no idea. I had to sign 5 different sets of docs. There were people waiting in a queue behind me! I kept apologising, tho’ it was not my fault, of course.

It turned out that the 1hr 45 mins was also a waste of time. Another fail.

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ah! thanks… got it now. That text originated from a different source (Isabelle Want, Allianz) and refers to making a first submission on paper.
There’s no place for them in the online version - I’ll amend that sentence to make it clearer that it is for first time submissions (usually on paper) - thanks for pointing it out.

Ok glad you found it - this is my first paper declaration so I’m guessing I should send in copy of passport?

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That’s what Isabelle Want suggests, so I would do it to be on the safe side - as confirmation of your ID.
I presumed (incorrectly) you were referring to the online guide.
The paper versions and online follow the basic same pattern but there still remain differences in the forms etc between the two arrangements.
You have reminded me I should add to the guide that a first time submission can be made on line - this was discussed in last years round - I look for the reference and add a page concerning this.
Thanks again.

Thanks. I have tried to go online but keep going in a never ending loop of not having a tax number.

Yes, it does… you need a TIN (numéro fiscale) which you normally only get after your first submission on paper but someone last year found the way to get a TIN in advance of their first submission - it’s that what I am now looking for… too late for this year perhaps (as most paper submissions are already on going) but it will be useful for preparing next years guide.
I have found this reference but I’m sure there was also somebody mentioning it on SF last year.

Ahh I’ve filled these forms out best I can…If theres an issue do they contact you for more info?

Yes, I’m sure they will. Can’t remember if the paper version has a place for your email address though… the online version certainly does.

It may have been @Mat_Davies who got a TIN before filling in a first return on paper which allowed him to do it online :thinking:
Perhaps he might confirm… IIRC I think he emailed the tax office for it.

I thank you for your help Graham, but when I finally managed to get back into my declaration I’m blowed if I could find where to declare that measly €14. But what I did find, which I hadn’t before, was the blank space to bring anomalies to their attention. I duly wrote very clearly the story behind the interest and from what bank it originated.

But when I tried to move on, presumably to sign again(?) it re-directed me to somewhere else. Nowhere could I find any box suitable so I think ticked the one for profit made on a house sale. Of course that was wrong and it wouldn’t let me go back to that to untick it.

So in the end I just threw up my hands and more or less in choice language told them to do their worst.

Another bloody hour that I won’t get back, I don’t think I am all that thick, so how do people who are manage?

Hi @KarenLot ,

yes will come back to you, for sure, I appreciate your interest and potential relevance to yourself, sorry works massive at the mo. give me a few days.

did take time off too and do an hour of eurovision, thanks Ukraine - though kinda liked the France rap too?..

I wonder if the extension to Declaration Date for Paper (now 31/5/22) is because Tax Offices are over-run with folk chasing appointments to do a face-to-face.

When I went and queued, in order to ask various questions for me and others
One friend wanted an appointment and the Receptionist apologised and told me she had no appointments free before the beginning of June and that’s too late !!
… all full up, she said, sadly.
Mind you, she affirmed… folk can still queue… and have been doing so ever since, so I am told.

I’m so glad it’s been extended, takes some of the pressure/worry off…

Has anyone actually missed the deadline? Would you be immediately fined? In Germany, if you miss the deadline they just send you a letter setting you a new deadline, no fine, probably because they’ve got plenty to do anyway.

Missing the deadline means risking a fine of 10 percent of the total tax bill, which can rise to 40 percent if a preliminary warning letter is sent by the tax department.

That could mean of course that if you are below the tax threshold you would not have any penalty to pay but I would not advise testing that out with the Fisc.

@Stella your hunch that tax offices are under even more than usual tax filing season pressure eg in processing face to face meetings, was borne out at our local Seine Maritime tax office yesterday. Appointments (extremely limited in number) are only available if booked online. Strictly no turning up/queuing without an appointment. Short shrift was given to somebody who dared turn up without an appointment. Literally shown the door. I think he only wanted to hand in his return. Refused! All doors barred. Admission only via the side entrance after confirmation of our name and meeting time. No lights on whatsoever in the normal public areas, as the public is not being admitted, bar by appointment.Nobody behind any of the guichets for the same reason. You couldn’t even post your return through a letter box! All very strange.