Tax Declaration Forms

I’ve done my tax declarations on paper form and the Tax office send out a Declaration Preremplie Form 2042K and Revenus de Source Estranger form 2047K, but this year they have only sent the second form 2047K.

Is there a form I can download and fill in to replace the 2042K and then attach a short letter explaining what has happened or do I have to visit my not very helpful Tax Office

Should you/could you not be declaring online?
Normally the form in your online account is prepopulated.

It’s a shame if your local Tax Office is not being very helpful, since it’s in everyone’s interests that these important declarations are done correctly.

Thankfully, mine is (or has been) very helpful. This year, after many efforts back and forth on-line… they’ve sent me the 2047K with an 8 page explanation of how to complete it. The only problem is, the print is so tiny/compact that I can’t make much sense of it.

I’m adept at speed-reading, but find that really isn’t a good idea in a foreign language.

I’m led to believe the 2042 will be available to download, sometime soon…

EDIT: even with a magnifying glass, it’s hard work…

A person does not have to declare on line if they do not feel happy or confident understanding French

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and, of course, it’s not everyone who is able to wander through the pages on-line, never mind the language :wink: It surprised me to see just how many French were queueing to query/speak with the Tax Lady last time I went. I’d thought it was just foreigners who couldn’t cope… made me feel so much better to know it “wasn’t just me…”

Spent nearly 6 months sorting out a problem with a one off pension I took, because the tax office told me the wrong place to declare it on the form. One person sat there, while I tried with my bad French to explain it was entered in the wrong place and then told me what I had to do in perfect English. I know I should speak French but I have found it really hard

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Stella, thought it strange this year forms came in a white envelope, not the usualy black cellophane

Ah… the envelope is now recyclable (perhaps that’s it… ).

Keep battling with your French, keep sentences short and to the point.

In my experience, some/many French folk (who can understand/speak English) prefer to hear your spoken French, rather than them running the risk of making a mistake…

One way I’ve found to cope with tiny print that even a magnifying glass cannot enlarge enough is to scan it into my computer (my printer scans as well as prints). With a digital copy I can enlarge the print as much as I like. :slight_smile:

I’m blowed if I’m doing that with 8 pages… I’m going to see my Tax Official and… discuss… :wink:

I do understand that some people find it hard to come to terms with doing things on line. However the more you let this happen the more and more you will be left behind. It could really be worth the effort for the future.

My mum battled to keep up with technology, without it she couldn’t have stayed in her own home in an isolated village. She died at 96 still able to do her shopping on line, order things, play bridge, email friends etc etc. She did however delegate her tax form to me in the last few years :joy::rofl:

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I’m not surprised. I’d happily delegate my tax form to you and I’m a mere 75. :grin:

I’ve no fear of being left behind.
I was quite happily doing my Declaration on-line until a couple of years ago… when everything (including me) seemed to go pear-shaped.

One visit and face to face… should help me enormously one way or another.

I’ve found a blank copy of the form I need, if mine doesn’t arrive, I will fill this in and send it

I see that the 2042 form for declaring 2021 income is still not available on the tax office website.
When they make the form available, then I will do the tax return. In the meantime, no form = no declaration.

I read somewhere they weren’t going to make the blank PDF forms available until May. They are trying to get everyone to declare online if possible and, if not, to use the forms which they have sent out with the pre-filled figures.

There are versions of the forms in the Brochure Practique 2022 but they are possibly for illustration and may not be acceptable

The 2042K prefilled in with our details is the one I’m missing, have copied the one on the site and will fill it in and send off