Tax-efficient savings?

Hi - I’m looking for financial advice - I have an amount of money (small inheritance) I would like to put away for a while and am looking for a tax-efficient home for it; i.e. not subject to social charges.
I am aware of Luxembourg-based Assurance Vie (in £) but am unable to find a genuinely independent financial advisor to set one up for me. (I would like to choose my own funds in which to invest). The only supposedly IFAs I have come across are restricted and limited in what they can suggest.
I’d also consider an alternative to an Ass V. as long as it is exempt from S Charges. (Livret A already up to its limit)
Have any of you either - suggestions for a home for the money, or, better still, a truly independant IFA .
Thanks in advance.

This guy should be able to help/advise you…

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@Brian_Furzer or @Graham_Keysell may be able to advise you on this @Curtis

Hi Curtis,

Send me your phone number and I will be pleased to discuss this with you.

Best regards,


Graham Keysell, Director

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Hello again James,

I fear that ‘Curtis’ may be a pseudonym for Mason. He knows a lot about our business and is trying to set a trap about Luxembourg assurance vie policies (we have done them, but they are very expensive compared to the Ireland-based alternatives which actually offer a wider choice of investment).

By chance, our competitors De Vere’s policies are based there! Same applies to Blevin Franks and a company called ‘Kentington’s (Robert Kent worked for us for a very short period). Have any of these people approached you and been declined??

Anyway… thought I’d bring this guy to your attention. I’d be surprised if ‘Curtis Lake’ is the name of a Brit expat!!

Best regards,


Mr Keysell
I take great exception to your comments and allegations.

I am Curtis Lake. It is not a pseudonym. I AM an expat and have lived here for over ten years.

I had been looking to place a modest inheritance - hence the questions. I ‘know’ about Luxembourg-based Assurance vie policies as I have one. They are far superior to those based in Ireland - more tax-efficient and better protected.

On the contrary, I do NOT know a lot about your business, am NOT a competitor, and have declined to contact you to discuss further investment with your company following advice from friends.

Following your post, I shall be making others aware.

Dear Mr Lake,

I certainly do apologise unreservedly for thinking that you might be part of a recent concerted effort to attack the integrity of both myself, my colleagues and my company via internet sites. As you will see from the kind comments that people who I have helped have left on the Survive France site and the testimonials at, I am a conscientious person who does my best to assist fellow expats.

This totally unfounded and unfair campaign has left me rather suspicious of anything that could be used as a basis to criticise my business. It also bore a resemblance to a ‘post’ accusing the Spectum IFA Group of not being independent (which I can assure you we are).

We have a significant number of clients with policies that we have arranged for them in Luxembourg. However, I am puzzled as to why you believe that policies based in Dublin are any less tax-efficient or ‘protected’. In conclusion, I would again ask that you accept my apologies and wish you every success in finding the product you are looking for.


Thank you for your apology - accepted.