Tax foncieres for over 60's?

I have just received the demand for tax foncieres. Am I wrong in believing that being over 60 I am not liable for this?

Yes I am, I get 100€ off if I am 65. Apparently though afaics I am exempt from Tax d'habitation?


I thought the exemption was for over 75s. Perhaps it's changed....I hope so!

Discounts,exonerations and exemptions are based on age AND income.

If you go to Useful Links/Finance and scroll down to Local Taxes you'll find links to official sites which will tell you whether you're entitled to a rebate or exoneration.

Normally any reductions are applied automatically based on the info on your tax return, ie your age and your income, which as said are the two criteria that decide any reductions or exemptions. Assuming your tax return was correct, then the figure it says on your bill is normally what you have to pay, unless the computer has made a mistake which would be unusual.

Same goes for taxe d'habitation.

I have not received a tax habitation (1st year here) but my French friend said she has never received one Is it up to me to chase up or just wait and see what happens My french is virtually non-existent as well and for the income tax the man in the office did it for me; same as the tax fonciere But my tax habitation is at another office with no transport there and I don’t have a car

Tax habitation is dealt with by the same office as income tax.
If you were living here on 1.1.16 you may be liable.
If there is no tax d’hab to pay, due to age/low income, they don’t always issue a bill.
But you should check, because it’s always a good idea to understand your taxes, what you’re being charged/not charged and why. It helps you to know what to expect in future year. And if by chance a bill has been sent out but not received, late payment fines will be applied automatically when the deadline passes and no payment has been made, and then you’ll have all the hassle of sorting that one out.

Thanks for your help

How to Pay Tax D’ Habitaion &/or Tax Foncier – on line

 you can pay on line by following these steps: 

On line - go to:
Choose the Individuals Tab (Particuliers)
Hover your mouse over: - Your Taxes (Vois impost)
Then from the new Menus:- Choose either – Property Tax (Taxe d’habitation or Taxe foncier-bati)
Then under the Tab on the left click on Access your Space or Log-In (Accedeza votre espace)
Down the very bottom click on Pay on Line (payer en ligne)
Next page says Welcome to your Tax payment Site (Bienvenue sur le site du paiement de l’impôt)
Enter Tax number on your invoice (Numero fiscal - without spaces & the Letter) – then press Continue
Next page On Line Payment – bottom right click on pay on line (payer en ligne)
Next Page – Reference page – from your Invoice enter the Reference Notice Number (Reference de l’avis)
Click on Confirmer
Click confirmer
That should take you to the online payment screen where you need to fill in your IBAN number, remember to fill out the authorisation for your bank and post it on.
Hope this makes the process a little more clearer
Cheers Peter


I have never received an on-line log in number
I paid my Tax Fonciere by phone at Pezenas. .I did not receive a facture just an e-mail confirming payment
This man told me I must pay taxe habitation at Muriel St Beziers. The phone is always engaged and they failed to reply to my email.


Christine it’s up to you to create your online account for your taxes - nobody is going to come knocking on your door with your login details. It’s your responsibility therefore you need to take the initiative. Here’s a link (below) to get you started by creating your account - once you’ve done this your life will be so much easier! All the numbers / amounts required can be found on the front pages of your last paper Income Tax Return and subsequent Avis (or of course from your local tax office failing that). Then you can follow the advice given by Peter above. Any probs just come back and I’ll help if I can :slight_smile:

Create Your Impots Account


Simon is absolutely right. Paying bills late gets expensive in terms of late payment fines, which will inevitably have been applied to your taxe d’habitation bill by now if you have a bill still unpaid, so it really is worth getting everything set up for next year. I think you were lucky they took payment over the phone once - you can’t rely on them doing that for you every time you have a bill to pay. There are various ways to pay but paying by phone is not one of them, the tax office staff simply don’t have time to deal personally with every bill for every taxpayer. That’s why they have set up automated systems and made them user-friendly, and they work well.