Tax Foncieres Increase

Just received our 2017 tax foncieres bill it as increased by an inflation busting 11%, we are in the Lot is anybody else experiencing such big increases?
Not sure if this is linked to the rate review which was only done in certain departments last year including the Lot.

Hello Michael,

Ours in this part of the Creuse, went down by -0.5%.

Sorry to hear about the big increase you received :frowning:


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Mine went down too (61). Hoping the habitation will do the same!

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My bill has gone up by 32 euro… the Commune part stayed the same as 2016… it’s the others who have raised the percentages by just under 5%…

All 622 euros increase is under the commune column, I think that the government lifted the barrier on the local mayor’s restrictions on increasing the tax with some commune’s having large increases some as high as 25%.
We wait and see what improvements the local Mayor will give to the commune with all this extra money that he will raise from the increase If any.

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good grief…this is rather high-handed. I would be surprised if you were the only one to be unhappy with such a hike in your bill. (Our Council was elected on the promise to keep local taxes as low as possible… and this has been respected.)

Usually the municipal council meets to set the rate in early summer and there’s a report in the local paper, and then if there’s been an increase there are letters to the paper from Monsieur Faché and replies from the mayor explaining why the increase is necessary and after a few weeks the dust settles. Was this not reported on at the time?

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Yes found it, Anna, thank you, it reports that the commune needs to increase property tax for 2017, the reason given is for it to balance the books and bring it in line with other commune’s in the area and they have asked and been given permission by the district office to increase property taxes by 11.63%.

Our Mayor who is not liked only scraped in by 80 odd votes at the last election, he knows that he will not win the next election so as nothing to loose by raising the taxes.

We have voted to lower ours the past few years, to try to counteract the increases imposed by the (bankrupt) Comcom

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If €622 is just the 11% increase you inhabit a completely different planet to me.

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We cannot all be the same and yes it is just the increase.

My village house was 670 euros last year and this year it’s 666.

Not sure what my town property is yet because I haven’t had the bill in the post and it’s not online like all the others either. I hope it’s not because they’re busy calculating a huge increase…

Does any one know - how can I find out if the Department of Var (83) has increased the Tax Foncieres please ?

This will surely be pinned up somewhere in the Public Notices at your Mairie. If you cannot see it, go inside and ask someone to help you. :blush:

this is interesting…

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Ask at the mairie or the tax office, or if your commune has a website and they put minutes of the council meetings online, you can look back at the minutes of the meeting where the tax was decided (usually between March and June), or if you google a suitable phrase such as name of your commune-taxe foncières-2017 you will probably find a report in the local newspapers… Or ask a neighbour, they will probably have been keeping tabs.
NB it’s not the department that sets/increase the rate for local taxes, it’s your commune. No doubt some communes in the Var will have gone up, some will have gone down and some will have stayed the same.

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Our’s, in the Lot, is virtually the same as last year (0.5% increase).

Thanks Stella
Have asked my Contact in Sillans la Cascade to find out if Var (83) will have any future tax de habitation increases & will let you know
Peter Huber – Head Office
Building & Home Inspection Service
Ph: 9331 3031 – Mob: 0418 948 760

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I live in Marseillan Ville and I had a letter informing me that my Taxe Foncieres will Be increased by 63% ! I paid just 497 last year but I’m told I will get a demand for 810 this year. I’m hoping it’s a mistake as this increase seems a tad on the excessive side to me. They don’t really explain the rationale behind it so very difficult to challenge. :frowning:


Where/who did the letter come from… and did you take it to your your Mairie and ask for help in understanding it ?

They will know what is going on and will be able to explain…always worth a visit…:blush:

(just a thought, have you done any work on improving the property ?)