Tax for Rental Income - HELP!


Can anyone advise.

I purchased a small buy-to-let in April 2011. I checked with my Estate Agent and also online to make sure that I was paying the right taxes. I am paying Tax Fonciere (which up until now, I thought had something to do with renting out my apartment) and also my tenant pays the Tax d’habitation. However, in light of the recent media coverage (re. rebate to non-residents because of illegal tax charges by the French Government), I’m wondering if I should have been paying yet another tax.

If this is the case can anyone point me in the right direction so that I can declare the rental income, etc.

Thanks for any advice.



What is the rate of tax is deducted from Gite income?

Ah no we live in the UK but as it is the only property we own as we live in a tied house in the UK.

Alice, there should not be any tax to pay BUT all income should be declared on your tax return. It is for them to decide if it is taxable or not. There are also some benefits to being declared non taxable as well so makes sense to do it. (am assuming you live here).

Steve is right, but the amount you can deduct is different if you are renting your flat fully furnished or not.

Our house also has a long tern tenant in it, as our total income from the house is below the €6000 minimum tax bracket there is nothing to least this is what we have been assured is correct by our French son in law!

You'll just need to declare the rental income and expenses on your yearly Income Tax form.