Tax form RSI auto entre preneur?

I am tearing my hair out. Please can someone tell me where I put my income on a tax form as l’auto entrepreneur and which figure should I use from the RSI and where can I find this?

This page explains it quite clearly I think:

First of all it depends whether you opted to pay tax along with your social charges, or whether you don’t.
Then it depends whether your income is from sales, services or professional activities.

If you have already paid income tax at a fixed rate along with your other charges, you want page 1, boxes 5TA, 5TB or 5TE. If you’re declaring untaxed income you want page 2, seems to be 5KO, 5KP or 5HQ.

The figure you declare is your total turnover between 1.1.16 and 31.12.16, which obviously should be the total of your 4 quarterly declarations that you submitted. You may have been sent a statement by URSSAF or RSI confirming what this figure is, or you may be able to download an attestation from your espace client, or failing that, just use your own records and make sure the figures correspond.

Hope this helps.

It should come direct to you based on the figures you submitted during your last trading year.

Thank you - very helpful Anna - have managed to download an attestation from RSI and now know where to declare on the form - last year for some reason I thought it was already automatically filled in on my on-line form?

Thank you Derek - I seem to remember that last year it was already showing on my on-line tax return?

My this year’s form didn’t show last year’s figure (it’s not likely you would earn an identical amount each year, after all) but it did automatically bring up the screen showing the correct box to put the figure in, without having to go hunting for it.

But you may well be right, I do seem to remember that last year some figures were already in and had to be overwritten. Things change every year.