Tax Forms 2023

Hi. not been on line for a while, any idea what the basic exchange rate for the tax forms this year. Thanks

There’s been quite a discussion about this already.
See thread entitled “Exchange rate for 2024 tax return”

it’s well thrashed about… so make your own choice…

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My tax office quoted me €1.149

Hello all, bit of help needed from people who have a credit d’impot for UK government pension and use form 2047.
Have filled in all the forms as usual and whilst 8TK has “reporter” to 2042, the 2047 section 12 pension figures have not gone across to 1AM, BM and BL on 2042 and I can’t for the life of me see a reporter button for them on 2047. :thinking:
We added the figures manually to 2042, but in the résumé it only quotes TK UU SH SI. The figures from 2047 are there at the bottom with a reminder to reporter to main form.
Would be very grateful for advice and to know if anyone else has hit the same problem. Thanks in advance.

I am using the Connexion exchange rate of 1,139. I use their recommended exchange rate each year.

I’m not sure it’s a problem, you. would manually enter the figures on 2042? last year there was a message with the 2047 -

“PLEASE NOTE: the online tax return may offer you to automatically report certain amounts on the main return.
However, some reports cannot be automated (for example: wages, pensions, income from non-salaried professions, etc.). Indeed, this taxable income in France must be entered in the main declaration in boxes that may be different depending on your tax situation. To help you carry out the reports, use the instructions.”

Also, you’re talking about box 1AM, but last year wasn’t it box 1AL for ‘pensions with credit for French tax’? 1AM is for pensions taxable by France (without double tax treaty credit).

Hope that helps?

Yes thanks it does. OAP is in 1BM, occupational pension in 1BL. We went back into the site and it was all included into the résumé despite having urged us to go back and reporter. So all ok I think. :crossed_fingers: It even tells us how much we will have left to pay after our monthly advance payments.