Tax habitation and fonciere no bills

Hi we purchased our property in July 16 and have had neither habitation or fonciere bills yet.Can anyone advise when we will receive these?
We did however pay some to our vendors (in payback for their annual payment at the time of purchase) but can’t remember which one that was.


You bought the property on 16 July 2016
The Seller was liable for the whole of 2016 Tax d’Hab bill … but only a part of the 2016 Taxe Fonciere…(this is the bit you would have paid through the Notaire.)

In Autumn 2017 you should receive 2 bills in your own name for this property: Taxe Fonciere (Property Owners’ Tax) and Tax d’Habitation (Living Tax).

You might wish to organise a Direct Debit to pay these bills …

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Ah great thank you!! I presume that you set the direct debit up when you get the bills?

Frankly Maddie… I would go in to your Tresor Publique asap and get this underway.

Go armed with the one-page Certificate the Notaire will have given you… Which gives details of who has sold and who has bought…a certain property. (You will have needed it to sort out Electricity/phone/water etc etc)…

and take your passport too…

Make sure the Tresor Publique have the correct address to which Bills should be sent (if this is different to the Property address).

They will be able to explain what docs you need/how to get Prelevement Automatique organised.

good luck

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Or just simply pay or set-up a direct debit online : Online Tax Payments

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I believe you can set up a direct debit so that payment is taken automatically on the due date, or you can arrange to pay them when they arrive, or in theory you can arrange to pay by instalments but in practice, officially the cut off date for paying by instalments is in the December of the previous year (I think it’s December - before the year end at any rate) and the first instalment is taken in January. So they may say it’s too late to pay by instalments for this year and you will have to pay in one lump (well, two lumps) when the bills come out in Quarter 3, and set up the instalment payments starting next January. Or they may be able to be flexible, it’s worth asking, if that’s what you want to do. Personally I don’t see any great advantage, I just plan ahead and make sure I have the money put aside for when the bills arrive, but I know a lot of people like the instalment scheme.

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Do you mean the tax office?

That is a bit worrying I will have to sort in advance as low income

I’ve sent you a message… :slight_smile:


My advice would be to register on It’s in French only but with a little help from a French speaker you’ll quicly understand how it works.
For that you need your numéro fiscal and as you bought your house in July, you probably don’t have one yet (wait for the first paper tax demand). This is the reason you did not receive any demand for 2016. I guess you’ll become a “French” tax payer only in 2017.
On the tax website you will register your bank account on the website but it’s not direct debit. You have to check whether the demand is correct and confirm that you agree with payment each time (I have no TV and I have to deduct the TV tax from the housing tax each year).
An asset of being registered is that you may declare your revenues for previous year later.

Hope it will help.


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Hi Christian, or get Google Chrome for your server and set up automatic translate from french to english for when you log on to french sites like the one you mentioned, it only takes a few seconds.
Would think that there are other servers that perform this translation service ?

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Hi, we paid our first 2 of these bills in September and December 2016, having signed the acte de vente in October 2015. We had no problem with the taxe fonciere but we did with the taxe habitation as we ended up being charged twice and it took a while to get refunded. Bonne chance!

Maddie… I have sent you a message with the info as promised.

good luck