Tax Habitation and Foncieres

Hi, we bought a second home, 2 years ago, off of an English person who had it as a holiday home for 9 years. When I went to view and sat down to discuss things, I asked what the 2 taxes were and he said nearly 2000Eu combined, I said I thought that they were high he just said he didn't think so. Having talked to English people resident in the area they were quite shocked at the prices.

The property when he bought it was divided in the middle by the 2 French sisters who lived there, apparently due to the inheritance side of things cost wise. I am wondering if some sort of mistake has been made making the property back into 1 again by the last owner.

Where can I find out about this and possibly get it reassessed for the taxes?

We are doing the interior up as it was full of poor workmanship and intend to spend more time there as I am now retired.

The property is near Le Teilleul, Manche 50

Many thanks in advance for any help please.


P.S on the cadastral plan it still shows the property divided.

Hi Veronique, thanks for that very kind. I have met a lady through a friend who works in am Immobilier and she is going to help me with the query and hopefully go to the tax office and get it reassessed.

1 hectare (ha) is 10,000 m2

1 are (a) is 100 m2

1 centiare (ca) is 1 m2

So your land is 3155 m2 and your house is just under 82.5 m2.

3155 m2 is 33960 square feet, according to this site so it is a fraction of an acre

33 960 (square feet) =
0.779614325 acre

Hi, the figures I have for the size of the land is: 00 ha 31a 55ca, not sure what this means in size of acreage can someone enlighten me please. The house was built in 1906 as is approx. It is approx. 37ft x 24ft surface area. The ground is all grass and a few other buildings stand on it, a very old uninhabitable cottage, barn, stable and a garage. The house is 3 bedroomed.

That's good advice from Debra. Don't be worried if the cadastral plan shows several plot numbers, which refer to the old portions of land. What matters is whether it is treated as one or two dwellings. Taxe d'hab is generally based on its assumed rental value (not sure of the formula they use, but that's the general rule) whereas fonciere is based on land size and use, agricultural, etc.