Tax habitation

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taxe d’habitation…???

Apologies, technical issues. I retyped my question but it seems to have disappeared.
My question:- Am I due a bill for tax habitation? I’m not resident in my holiday home on 1st January. But would the issuing authority know this?
I’ve paid taxes fonciere for the year already. Many thanks, Fiona

There speaks a software developer, or are you using Vim/Emacs to type your contribution :wink:

Resident does not literally mean present in the building - more like that if there were a resident it would have been you.

So, yes, you will be due TdH (unless you bought the property this year).

confirming what Paul says…

if your house is “habitable”… taxe d’habitation is payable… you don’t have to actually be there on 1st January…


Okay, thank you.

Yes, I’d completely misunderstood that.

Do they include the TV licence?

Sadly, anything IT related remains a mystery to me.

Yes it does :wink:

Does the same apply to the garbage bill? I have not produced any household garbage in France this year.

I think it all depends on the Commune… how waste-disposal is charged/paid for…

I’ve just had a look… on my Taxe Foncière bill… there’s a percentage charged for “ordures ménagères”

Apparently some people have a separate bill for waste, and with others its part and parcel of Taxe fonc.

I presume that was a tongue in cheek comment, but in case not (:no_mouth:) the cost of waste disposal is not just for taking your household rubbish away, but keeping up treatment plants, landfill sites and recycling centres etc etc. It is only the TV element of taxe fonc that you can ask to be removed if you really have no apparatus in your house capable of receiving TV (internet and laptop…)

I should add I’m happy to pay the small charge whether I’m there or not, just curious…

As Stella says this is probably more varied - we pay a slightly reduced annual rate for a Maison Secondaire which gives us 6 collections/year whether we make use of them or not then a per-collection rate for any over that. Yellow sac collections are free.