Tax - How ? and When?

It is that simple; how do I declare my (income) Tax in France? and WHEN? Started as an AE last year, have earned little or nothing so far, but am scared that I might be stitched up by late tax demands on the basis of about 100 euro's of turnover. Help would be must appreciated.

Hi Anthony, Re the AE you can declare your income on the site If you haven't already you can register there and declare your turnover or earnings. I opted to do it each 3 months the end of the Tax year being 31st December. When you declare your earnings or turnover it will tell you how much you owe automatically and if you have set up your bank account details they will withdraw the correct amount roughly two weeks after you have declared your earnings. I also opt to do my tax online and it is very simple you can also do your tax fonciere and Habitation at the same site. It is and you can do your declaration anytime after 1st Jan I think. All pages translate quite well if you use Google Chrome.

Good luck hope that helps

Kind regards