Tax on sale of UK property and French Residency

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are trying to decide when to go French resident.

My house in the UK is nearly sold and I am want to make sure it is sold before going French resident. I presume that if it is sold before was going resident in France that the French will not charge me tax on the money from it??

I am concerned that when I have to fill in my first French tax return in 2015 that they will use the income from 2014 and say I have to pay tax- even if I was not resident when it was sold.

If anyone has been through this and knows what may happen, I would really appreciate your views.

Also I was going to try and get an S1 before April as I am self employed in the UK. If we go resident before April with an S1 then out health care will be ok with a top up insurance for as long as I can get the S1. I was then going to go AE for the next 3 years to get to the 5 years.

We both have small occupational pensions and my husband does not work. I wondered - if you pay tax on your early retirement pension and social charges on it- does that entitle you to join the French Health care system straight away? If I can't get an S1 and the answer to the tax and social care question is no- I will start my AE straight away.

Thank you for any views or experience from those of you who have been through any similar experiences.


Hi Tracy,

Many apologies for not replying sooner- I have been unwell and just recovering.

I presume you mean that once you have lived in France for -is it? over 183 days you are deemed resident?

Does that 183 days start again every year from 1st Jan?

I have spent some time in France - less than 183 days for the last couple of years.

I have checked out the S1 and I cannot get this as I will not be posted to France by a British Company - so I will be setting up a business- I am already self-employed in the UK. Can I set up a business before the 183 days- ?

Many thanks for you reply


Its not actually possible to choose when to become resident-do you mean choose when you move to France?