Tax on uk home

Anybody know if you pay tax on 2nd home in uk if you are french resident

What sort of tax? If the property is empty some councils double the council tax, and some halve it!

If you get any income from it you pay tax in the UK put declare it here as well (but won’t be charged extra tax but may have to pay social charges)

If you sell it you will be charged capital gains tax if you left more than around 18months ago, and also may have to pay extra here.


I have had property for more than 30 yrs might want to sell it not sure how much tax i will have to pay and where? Is it considered a second home? I have been in Fr for 20 yrs.

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Just for clarification as @JaneJones suggests, how long have you been in France and are you now in the French tax system having notified HMRC you are now French resident (using the Form France-Individual)
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You should be fine from the French point of view with having had the house so long (provided you already pay tax here of course!) However, HMRC will go for you for CGT for the 20 years minus about 18 months…

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is this reference for UK home sale useful?

Thankyou helpful!

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As a non UK resident, you only calculate the CGT (if any) from 5th April 2015 so it won’t be 20 years minus 18 months.

Thankyou so much i cant seem to get the right answer because everyone tells me different things!:blush:but i will go to the site.

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That’s true Peter - I should have mentioned that - however when I did it last year there were three calculation options and you could pick the one that is most favourable. What was most difficult was getting a valuation for the property as at 2015

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If you’re on Facebook they have a group called Strictly Fiscal France. There’s someone there about UK house sales and CGT in France for French residents. A warning though, even if you fill out the right form and send it off your local tax office may not actually want it…

They didn’t want mine! (Same tax office I suspect…)

I think it might be more of a “the good news is…” than a warning… :wink:

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That’s certainly how I am taking it!

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