Tax question


I know that I can offset some of the changes I am making to our home against my income tax, such as a new more efficient boiler.

I believe that I can also off set the cost of installing double glazed windows (materials) only of course but ONLY if I have an invoice that charges the full rate VAT and not the reduced rate.

Can anyone confirm that my understanding, that I must pay the full rate VAT in order to offset part of the cost against my income tax, is correct, please?

Thanks as always

Peter S

The rates of vat can differ depending upon the work being done, but the works need to be done by a registered installer to qualify for the recuctions.
There is a limit per petson.

the most important thing is a FRENCH registered business facture for the supply and installation and be aware the reduction will not be done until next year - ie you will declare/add the factures to your declaration des revenues next May

The rules may have changed since we did this - we offset using the reduced VAT we’d paid. Best to go to your hotel des impots for proper advice.