Tax rebate/cheque for installing a wood burner

We have just installed a wood burner, bought and installed by a professional company who have given us a full invoice. The problem is that for the past two years I have filed our tax returns online and are not now sent the tax forms to complete, only a letter saying they expect our returns to be online as other years............I was wondering how I will be able to submit this invoice for a tax rebate (or in our case a cheque). Has anyone else had to deal with this situation.

the body who does the inspections is the consuel and is for heating installations but not wood burners of pellet fires. so doreen, i don’t think you need to worry about this.

..... me too. And roof insulation. Not too often one gets handouts from the Government!

I successfully claimed for double glazing installed last year- did it on line and was accepted no problems (7k euros)

You fill in under "Reductions et Credit d'Impots" and "Depense en faveur de la qualite environnementale de l'habitation principale". You need to know which reduction you are due, either 13% 22% 36% or 45%. I think its 45% but you can look it up on line. Make sure you keep all the invoices for five years as they might ask for them later on. Mind you this only work if you replaced an old burner and not on the installation.

Lucky you! Our installation cost was a lot more than 25 Euro, we had to have the whole chimney lined etc., so added up to quite a substantial amount of money… Still, it will be nice to get money back on the cost of the stove, as that wasn’t cheap either :slight_smile:

Hi Doreen,

We had a wood burner installed a few years ago and do submit our tax return online. At the time, it used to be box "7 WK", but it might have changed! You just need to tick the box for "crédit d'impôt" and the additional form comes up on the screen; you then fill in the amount paid for the stove only (not for the installation). You don't need to send the invoice, unless you are asked to after you have filled in the forms. We did receive a cheque the following September.

Hope this helps!

Hi Doreen, we have just had a woodburner installed as well, and were told that the credit d’impot only applies to the cost of the wood stove, there won’t be any rebate on the installation costs.