Tax refund

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Soon after completing my income tax return online and filling out the right entry for my AE income, I received an email mentioning: ¨Grâce à la déclaration en ligne, votre restitution d'impôt vous sera versée par virement entre le 15 et le 23 juillet.¨ which amounts to €501 corresponding to the final tax certificate as owed to me. Till now I have not received the refund. I messaged them a week - 10 days ago, but so far no reply nor payment.

Any idea? What should be my next step?

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Thanks for advising me to be cautious Valerie, but I know that this one is genuine because it also shows on my final tax certificate. Unfortunately I cannot pop to my local Tresorerie as Wendy and others suggested as I am always on the move and not long enough at base camp, but I might give them a ring if I have no response to my email within a couple of weeks. Yes, I do my tax returns online and they have my bank details. Thanks

Hi John, how do you normally pay your tax, ie by cheque or direct debit? If it's a DD they already have your bank details to be able to effect the payment. True, the figure mentioned tallies exactly with your declaration but there are so many scam emails going around about rebates I wouldn't take this as legit until speaking with/meeting someone as the other members have suggested.

Definitely, face to face! Pop to your local Tresorerie (where you usually have to pay your Taxe Fonciere to) and they'll help you out. (Or at least point you in the right direction.)

Thanks for your response Julia - John

Simplest (in theory!) would be to contact your local tax office, or if your French isn't strong, make an appointment to go and see someone face to face.