Tax return 2023

Just started filling in my tax return on line. I have all the relevant numbers BUT I do not have and cannot access a “revenu fiscal de reference”. According to the website this is on my last return. Unfortunately I do not have access to that. Any ideas?

How did you make your last Return… ??

Did you ever receive your Avis d’Impot sur les revenus (the document which tells you how much tax you must pay (or not pay… )

First return is always done by paper. From then on you can do electronically…if you have all your numbers. I thought I had all the numbers and now I am away from my house where any papers are. I understood that the numbers needed were all on the new return but it does not have the “fiscal de reference”.

why not wait until you get back home… to where your docs are safely stashed…
A quelle date dois-je faire ma déclaration ? |

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My numero fiscal always pops up automatically every time I log on, just as I am wondering where to go to find it.

If the OP is near a Trésor Public office, they would be able to give the info required from their records if it covers his property. Unfortunately though, many local town offices have been amalgamated into one large office covering several communes but still worth a try or if they have proof of ownership, go to the Impôts and ask them to confirm the reference number.

Doh! I didn’t think of that. I just happen to be 2000kms away at the moment and will not be back before the due date. The site say you can get it sent easily but its suggested route does not exist!

I have my tax number and access number but your need a third called an RFR. (Revenue fiscal de reference)

Why do you need that? It’s last year’s taxable income :thinking:

Gracious… you are certainly out and about… :wink:

Are you currently in France… if Yes, go to your nearest Tax Office and ask for their help…

If you’ve got all your info (except the RFR) you can do a paper Declaration before the 22nd May… and/or the Tax Office might help you do your Declaration…

who knows… got to be worth a try.

I have a feeling it’s purely an identity check if you like when setting up the account, just another piece of information to verify that you are you, but I may be mistaken.

If you can’t get to your tax office @Beerbiker the most sensible thing is to find the information for your local office on the government website and send them an email outlining the whole issue and asking for advice. Are PDFs of the forms you need available online? They used to be I’m sure. If so then if the worst comes to the worst, download them, fill them in either by hand or digitally as completely as you can, and post them to your office with a letter explaining the situation and saying that you want to ‘show willing’ and hope this is acceptable. If they say ‘this is incomplete so rejected’ or such at least you can show that you made the effort and I’m sure they’d let you resubmit without penalty when you have all the info. But try an email, if you can submit ID and proof of address they may give you the RFR by email or such.


Does your previous “avis d’imposition” not show up online? That should show it I would think?

Yes it does @Alan_Dargie , as I said. Was your question addressed to me by mistake? :wink: :grinning:

Ooops sorry for prying then!! Yes it was a mistake, was meant for @BeerBiker !!

No it didn’t but I finally got it sorted no thanks to the advice given by the Sols on Connection!

Does anyone know where you would enter PIP payments on the 2042 form - or like certain other benefits in France, they are not declared???