Tax return - are there any days grace?

I’ve just realised my tax return is due in tomorrow and my tax office isn’t inmy local town. It’s all filled in but not posted. Are there any days grace ifit gets there a few days late or will I have to do it online now? Bit annoyed with my accountant for leaving it so late when I got all the stuff to him months ago…

Just an addition to your info, which is excellent, Rosalyn, I believe there’s a limit (80 kms) per day that you can claim. As I work 50+ kms from my closest workplace, can only claim 80 kms - even for the ocassional days when i do 250 km to go to work and back!

If you post it tomorrow it’ll be fine. Even if it’s due in tomorrow, you can send it tomorrow with postmark May 31. It doesn’t actually have to arrive tomorrow if you pop it in the postbox.

Doing it online gives you extra time. I did mine today in fact.

Absolutely right Fiona,

We’ve found that there’s also the fact that what you were told last year, doesn’t seem to be applied this year. And a plea for help is always reciprocated, as you say, in spades.

I agree or failing that, take it in and say that you were trying to do it on line but there was a problem. Always believable with sites…

I’d do it on line and save the hassle of trying to explain why it’s late - they can be very understanding or a real pain in the arse, problem is you never know which you’re going to get!