TAX RETURN for 2023

Has anything changed?
My return is very simple…the pension income being declared on for2042 (BOX 1AM) and also on Form 2047 (BOX 8TK)…usually…
However this year, the figure I enter on 8TK is never held…and is not shown on the summary.
Once I click ‘next’ I get another screen…(s)., as attached.
What am I doing wrong this year(!!??)

I also see Box 8HV (withholding tax) ticked in the summary…but I never entered it…


I’m sure someone more knowledgeable will be along soon but in the meantime are you sure you want your full name and income disclosed on a public forum?

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forgot about the second form…! will see if I can retract…

Isn’t it section 1 12 on form 2047? Not 8TK?

Been going into BOX 8TK for several years now…but it does seem as if they are the same thing…so I am wondering if I2 is new this year? (as I don’t remember seeing this before).
…But then the summary only shows the income from form 2042…(Box1AM)


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I can’t help with an answer even though I have a vague memory of something similar last year, but I don’t think I’ve had a form in English before, how did you manage that?

I usually use Firefox as my default browser, but when I need to understand every line I use Google Chrome browser…which has an automatic translation facility option built in…

Once again, I know some of you don’t trust the Connexion magazine guide but personally I’ve found it useful. Here’s what it says about declaring UK (state & private) pensions:

2047 Section 1 line 12

Enter country of origin (eg RU) then the total annual pension income amount received for each spouse.
Cross « privé » under « nature du revenu »

2042 Take the above total from 2047 to 1AM and take total of your spouse’s pension to 1BM

If you don’t have an S1 and are a “à la charge” of the French healthcare system:

Note that 2047, section 9 contains boxes for noting sums of foreign pension that should attract social charges, depending on the applicable rate of the CSG charge, which you are also asked to carry over to one of several 8T(+letter) boxes depending on the rate and whether it is ordinary pension income or capital.

This might explain why the figure you enter in 8TK “is never held”.

Thanks…but I have always filled in 8TK for my very simple finances…I AM in the French healthcare system with S1. I am not subject to CSG charges…and have always such in the Notes section. I’ve never completed I2 before…even though it seems to be valid. That’s why I wondered if things had changed this year.

Here’s what has to say about Box 8TK:

Si vous avez perçu des revenus de source étrangère imposables en France mais qui ont déjà été imposés dans l’État d’où ils proviennent et ouvrant droit à un crédit d’impôt égal à l’impôt français, vous devez indiquer case 8TK le montant (avant déduction de l’impôt payé à l’étranger) imposable en France.

So your pension income has already been taxed in the UK?
I’m not yet drawing a pension of any kind so have no personal experience of declaring one, unfortunately.

Isn’t 8TK just for UK GOVERNMENT pensions?
Not UK state or private pensions.

Do you have a UK government pension?

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That can break some forms - I’ve seen it with Ameli. Suggest use the France website and copy website text into a separate google translate?

Yes, and other income giving right to a tax refund under the double tax treaty such as UK property income.

Sounds a good explanation…

Witholding tax (prelevement a la source) is levied on pensions taxable in France - maybe you’ve reached an income level where you are now subject to it? You will pay by monthly or quarterly direct debit. The box 8HW is prepopulated with the amounts you paid last year and which will be deducted from this years tax bill. (accounts at the impot).

Box 8HV au contraire is what is deducted from your pension provider and paid to the impot - unlikely a UK pension company is doing this?

Hope that helps

Now i am really confused…as I said, I’ve been placing my PRIVATE /UK STATE pension in 8TK for many years…without issue…this matched up to 1AS on Form 2042. I get taxed in France, not UK.
I get private (not Government employment) pensions PLUS UK state pension.
I don’t get any other income let alone property income.
My income level is not high, so should be no withholding taz…that seems to be set to 0 automatically…
I think tomorrow I will get out my original guides and go through all the boxes again…and wait for clarification form the tax office.

Will update when I find out for sure…thanks all.

I started the tax return today, confident that this time it would be easier. I was on annexe 3916 when the thing timed out and I lost a page I can’t get back. Why have they made annexe 3916 impossible to go back to? Now I have to re-enter a bunch of info I will have to search for. Be careful. I thought I was being careful.

No offence but I think you’ve been doing it wrong.

If it’s not a government pension, you should simply:

Declare it in form 2047 Section 1 line 12

And then carry it over to form 2042 Box 1AM

Am very surprised that the French have been charging you tax on income you’ve been declaring (mistakenly in my view) in 8TK.
Given that 8TK is for income that has already been taxed abroad.

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Entirely agree with Helenochka, which is why I raised line 1 12 a way back.

You can of course take all your papers to the tax office and get them to check.

(Line numbers have changed slightly over the years, just to baffle us)

I feel your pain!