Tax returns no confirmation received- update

Hi has anybody received their tax returns yet?

are you enquiring about the paper returns for 2021 (submission cycle in 2022) or your tax bill?
Do you have an online account with the impĂ´ts?

I’m looking for paper returns
no online account

I submitted paper Declaration this year and have NOT received the paper Avis I was expecting…
However, a few days ago… I noticed the Avis appeared in my online "space"some days ago… although it’s dated 23rd September… certainly wasn’t there in Sept…

I seem to recall that some one else had not yet received their paper Avis… and a phonecall to the office revealed that things were a little behind.
If you need yours now… ring and ask them to send it asap…

so, you haven’t filed a return at all for 2021… the deadline for doing so passed some time ago.
Is there any reason you cannot create an online account? Was this your first return?
Just now, I think you need to make an appointment with your local tax office to explain.

I had my usual paper return confirmation beg of august as normal. You need to contact your local ImpĂ´ts and tell them you have not received it as it is often called for by many bodies here especially when you come to renew any official paperwork.

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Hi yes have filed for 2021

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so, just to confirm - all you are waiting or is your avis for the tax due (if any) to be paid in 2022?

Do you have a Tax Identity Number and is there any reason you cannot file on line in future?

I checked last week that our Avis d’impôts 2022 is available on the impôts site. Good job I did because I discovered that the figures were not at all correct. I realised that I had omitted to declare the uk pensions declared on 2047 on the 2042 declaration. I panicked a bit but managed to correct it on the site (phew) and have sent groveling messages to the tax office . The bank wants a copy of the Avis but they’ll have to wait!

Hi Shihtzu we got our Avis d’Impot in the post this morning (We submit a paper return each year). This was the latest we have received it but not unexpected with all that’s been going on this year.

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Gordon Bennet!!!.. you prompted me to check the letterbox… and YES … it’s arrived today for us too… hurrah.

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Yes thank you all it arrived to day

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Mme’s 2020 paper form lost by Impot (mine in the same envelope was processed fine). Her 2021 paper form submitted in May. Just been to the tax office this morning - doesn’t seem like anything on their system. The guy said perhaps another three months…

I think they lost it again.

We’ve got a stamped photocopy of the front pages of the return this year, so they took another photocopy of that. I asked what if we move, or are in the UK - he said we can post it here or there if you want.

Not good though. Maybe I’ll say we need a reference fiscal amount for renting somewhere and can we have that quickly, or can you expedite etc.