Can someone please advise as to whether we should be including our interest on monies held in Australia and paying tax as expats whether it should be declared on the French return.

We have to date declared it and couldn't get a proper answer from the taxation dept in Sarlat last year when we queried it. They wanted to know if we had a carte vitale and then said well you have to contribute to the sociale. That was as far as we got. We end up paying 21.1% by declaring (Aus and Fr). Now someone has said we should not have to. It doesn't amount to much but as we've already included it on our return in previous years I don't want to stir up a hornets nest if you know what I mean! But neither do I want to pay additional tax if it really isn't necessary.

Your advice would be appreciated..

There is a double taxation agreement between France and Australia see

but if you can understand it "you're a better man than I am Gunga Din"; You need to consult an accountant maybe an Australian one.

sadly, yes...