Taxe d’habitation - claim your discount now!

If you are one of the 80% of people who are likely to benefit from the reduction in taxe d’habitation, then now is the time to reduce your payments.
It takes five minutes and if you pay monthly, will save you laying out more than you need to in 2018.

Simply go to the site and you will see a banner about the reform. Click on ‘accès au simulateur ‘ and it will ask you to enter your ‘revenue fiscal de référence’ and the number of ‘parts’ in your household - this information is available on your last ‘Avis d’imposition’. If you know the amount of your taxe d’habitation, you can enter this figure too and it will do the calculation for you.

Either which way, the simulator will tell you whether or not you are eligible for a discount. If you are, the rebate is 30% for 2018, 65% in 2019 and 100% in 2020.
You can then go to your account on the site and adjust your monthly payments accordingly. If you don’t have an online account, you can do this by letter, email or a phone call (good luck with that one!).

It seems to be that the onus is on us to claim the discount. For example, if you had notified the tax office by the 15th December, the new rate would have been applied in January, after that date, the new rate only kicks in in February.
So get a move on and save yourself some money next month!

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Disappointing but our pension income is apparently too high to allow us to benefit. If we are in the top 20% in terms of income i wonder what the income threshold is?

Don’t forget that the reduction is on the tax and not the audio visual part-so you need to remove that before working out the reduction.e.g. our total TH is about €620 and we qualified for the 30% discount. But it’seems not 30% of €620 but 30% of €620 - the cost of the TV licence bit.

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Thank you for this Catherine,

We pay our TH annually in arrears. I have checked on the website you advised and see we do qualify. Do I need to do anything or will our 2018 bill take this into account automatically?

Many thanks

Roly Gardner

For those who want to know the thresholds…

I would change the payment now because it doesn’t make it clear on the site whether or not this will be done automatically…or whether it will be calculated retrospectively.

Ok I will call them I think and just make sure.

Thank you again.

You’re welcome!

@cat Do you think this is available if you just have a holiday home, live in UK , pay tax in UK and do not declare earnings in France ?


It is for French Residents only… sorry… French Tax folk use the info gleaned from the Income Declaration we Residents make…but which you, obviously, do NOT.

When you come over here full-time and get into the French Tax System… you may well find you are entitled… but not just yet… :zipper_mouth_face:

Thanks for the quick reply Stella - we just may have to move over more quickly now then!


Vous étiez en 2017 redevable de la taxe d’habitation sur votre résidence principale et vous êtes titulaire d’un contrat de mensualisation pour le paiement de celle-ci.

La réforme nationale de la taxe d’habitation permettra à 80 % des foyers d’être exonérés de taxe d’habitation au titre de leur résidence principale au bout de trois ans, en 2020. Dès 2018, 80 % des foyers verront leur taxe d’habitation sur leur résidence principale diminuer de 30 % (puis de 65 % en 2019).

Cette réforme concerne les foyers dont le revenu fiscal de référence n’excède pas une certaine limite fixée selon le nombre de parts du foyer de taxe d’habitation : par exemple, 27 000 € pour une personne seule, 35 000 € pour une personne seule avec un enfant, 43 000 € pour un couple sans enfant, 49 000 € pour un couple avec un enfant ou 55 000 € pour un couple avec deux enfants.

Pour vous éclairer, un simulateur est à votre disposition sur le site pour vérifier votre éligibilité à la réforme et calculer le montant estimé de votre future taxe d’habitation sur votre résidence principale.

Si vos revenus de 2017 vous rendent bénéficiaire de la réforme de la taxe d’habitation, vous pouvez d’ores et déjà réduire le montant de vos prélèvements mensuels en vous connectant sur votre espace particulier sur Après vous être identifié, cliquez dans la rubrique « Payer » sur « Modifier mes prélèvements, moduler mes mensualités ».

Toute modulation demandée en janvier prendra effet dès le mois de février.

Nous vous remercions de votre confiance.

La Direction générale des Finances publiques

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please can someone help me,email to explain how to claim discount, thankyou

If you read the first Post in this thread and follow the instruction there… you should be alright…

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Thankyou so much for your help,a bit of a dummy on computers, iwill do this

                               regards laurie carre

On my account page I can’t find anywhere to adjust monthly payments-only a place to put what you expect your tax to be for the current year. If I do that will the payments change automatically or is there another page I need to find.

That’s right Sue yes. Put in what your new annual Tax d’Hab will be (according to the simulator) and the rest is automatic. It will confirm back to you your new monthly amount.

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Can anyone help me please? My partner and I each have our own tax codes, mine is very low and I don’t pay tax, his code is higher and he does pay tax. Together we would both qualify for a reduction in habitation tax but how do we do this using the simulator?

Not sure what you mean by tax codes… ? Are you saying that you submit separate tax returns and receive separate avis, each with your own RFR?
That being the case, what income figure is normally used for the taxe d’hab calculation? Who is the bill addressed to?

(or have I misunderstood something about the tax codes…)

EDIT - If you’re saying what I think you’re saying, the answer is probably in here if you read it carefully - I need to get back to work now, but from a very quick read, it seems to be saying that where there are several fiscal foyers in one fiscal ménage the figure taken into account is simply the sum of each foyer’s taxable income, but I can’t see that it says how they work out the parts, presumably they just add those together too?

Thanks Anna, I was having an ‘old person’ moment, and if I had read everything properly I would have found the answer. It is as you say that I have to add both our figures together to get 2 parts which would be a qualifying amount. Now to tackle the French Tax Website. Thank you again for taking the time to respond.