Taxe de sejour

Can anyone tell me if I should be paying this on rentals? We have just started renting out our gite. We ahve also been renting out a flat in a ski reosrt for several years now and have never been billed for this - should I be declaring it somehow and if I do so, am I going to end up with a backdated bill? The system doesn’t seem very joined up - or is there a reason I have never been asked for it? Have asked accountant but he hasn’t been all that helpful so any help gratefully receieved.

Thanks - sounds like that might be best. I just went to the local Mairie to ask about taxe de sejour here (we’ve just opened a gite here) and she’d never heard of it.

Thanks Christine. This is what I don’t understand - we have been declaring it for tax but no one has asked about this. Is the system just not joined up like that? They’d be able to find out about previous letting from my tax records, wouldn’t they?