Taxe d'Habitation & Taxes Foncières

We bought our holiday home in August 2019 and still have not received any correspondence from the Direction Générale des Finances Publiques to pay either Taxe d’Habitation & Taxes Foncières.

Should our Notaire have passed on our details to the relevant authorities when the purchase was completed 18 months ago? All they have sent us so far is a copy of the Title…

thanks in advance.


Hello Stuart
My partner bought a little house at the same time as you - August 2019 and received a demand for the Taxes Foncières some time in 2020. Tax d’Habitation didn’t apply because they’ve been phasing it out, so yes you should have received it!
The only thing I can suggest is that you contact your local tax office or Tresor Publique and ask as I found some years ago that they sent the demands to an ancient address of mine that no longer existed. Heaven only knows why…

We had the same thing happen, first thing we knew was the extra fine letter came here but the original had been sent to a house we’d sold 10 years earlier!!!

We moved here in August 2019 and received demand for TF and TH in Oct 2020…but by then we had become French Tax payers and opened an online tax account…maybe that triggered the being sent as they are all showing in my Générale des Finances Publiques pages.
So reading other posts you need to chase up.

That’s exactly what happened to me! I paid the fine, explained and they refunded it a few weeks later, bless them…

i went in and paid directly at the counter in Bergerac, she also just took the fine straight off.

Even better!

Surely not being phased out for second homes.

Only for residents.

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Apologies! I didn’t know that :blush:

We’re finally received our Taxes Foncieres Demand bill (and we bought the property in August 2019!!) and, because we can’t go over to France, I’m going to have to send a cheque from here from our Credite Agricole account. But I can’t tell from the Bill to whom I make the cheque out to. On the “how to pay” blurb on the back, it states to make the check payable to “the Treasury” but this is from Google Translate. Is it “Tresor public”? Here’s a link to a photo I’ve taken: photo

I can’t open the photo @stalwart but the short answer is “yes”. (Don’t forget the accent on the e!)

Have you tried paying online?

Trésor Public :wink:

Just discovered our bill online (in plenty of time to pay fortunately) addressed to an ancient invalid address. How did you get the address updated please? Also, how can I tell if the house is identified as our principal residence (which it is)? Many thanks