Taxe d'Habitation Update 2019

Looks good news for main residences… not had time to take it all in yet though…

Do we know how the revenue loss to communities will be made up? - I guess TdH for maisons secondaires is in for a sharp rise :frowning:

And probably pushing up tax rates for those who have worked hard all their lives to be financially independent and not reliant on subsidies and benefits. In general it always seems to be the people in the middle who get stung…the very rich have tax advisers who find ways to avoid things, and the poor are exempt.

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Unfortunately I can’t get the link to the article to open.

Is this the link you are talking about, Robert… ??

Sorry, but no. I was referring to the link in the opening post of this topic. However, I can’t open the second link either ---- the server just keeps timing out. Perhaps there is a problem with the website.

Bizarre… they both open fine for me… just done it again… no problems:upside_down_face:

Oh well. Must be just the capricious nature of the internet. Thanks for checking anyway.