Taxe Foncière 2019

OK this is Sud-Ouest… has anyone got more info for the rest of France… ??

60€ increase down here Stella.

How about the Northerners… ???

No idea about here

Bob… what is your local paper… ??

As far as I recall it’s “Journal d’ici” & there’s “Depeche du midi” but that’s a bit further over in 34

It’s gone down by a few per cent here. Partly because the commune has been successful in reducing its debt over the past few years so it can, and partly as a result of the expansion of the communité des communes area because they’ve decided to try and bring property taxes more into line across the whole of the CdC. Our foncière bâti was higher than average so that’s come down, and our foncière non bâti has gone up, but I don’t pay on non bâti :slightly_smiling_face: TdH has also reduced slightly so all round it should be a win - specially if Macron’s reduction also happens.

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