Taxe Fonciere Again!

(Beth Wheatley) #1

We paid our TF on the 4th October but it’s not been taken from our bank a/c yet. Is this usual? We’ve had a receipt & I thought they would be keen to get their hands on the cash!

Your thoughts please.
regards Beth

(stella wood) #2

By which means did you make payment ???

(Beth Wheatley) #3

Paid online Stella & receipt received by email stating ‘nothing outstanding’. ???

(stella wood) #4

If you have a receipt for the payment… that is sufficient… except that you might like to know when it will hit your bank account…

If the date of debiting is not shown on the Receipt… what does it say on the Bill itself ? Mine says "au plus tard le 17/10/2018…but, as I pay by DD once a year, it comes out of my bank on 27th October

Whatever, just ensure the funds are available… :zipper_mouth_face:

(the Bank might well tell you before they debit… maybe, maybe not)

(David Martin) #5

It’s an advantage of paying online. You can ‘pay’ online immediately that you receive the bill but the money doesn’t leave your account until about 10 days after the pay by date.

(Beth Wheatley) #6

Many thanks, I’ve had another look on line at our account & think it says that they are taking the money on the 25th, so I’ll leave it till then & see what happens. Actual bill says due date of the 15th.
Never know anyone to not take the money when you’ve arranged payment!

Will update on the 25th!
Thanks again

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(Michael Archer) #7

You are allowed an extra 10 days from the due date before payment is taken from your bank account if you pay online.

Sorry David caught your reply to late.

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(Graham Lees) #8

But this is France!
People are treated with respect…

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(stella wood) #9

France actually rewards folk who pay by certain approved and clearly-outlined methods… letting the money stay in your bank account/savings as long as possible… :relaxed::hugs:

(David Martin) #10

During the financial settlement part of my divorce I had to provide all of my assets as normal and also list my debts. My only debt was to a French artisan who had done quite a lot of work, including fitting a bespoke oak staircase several months before. My ex-wife’s lawyer asked me in a very pompous way if I expected him to believe that a workman would have carried out some work and not have demanded payment immediately. I said, actually I did, it was pointless putting South East Essex expectations on French carpenters.

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