Taxe Foncière Rates Reduction for Wind Farms

Luckily I looked at the article before starting to say how amazing it was that there was a taxe reduction for putting up your own wind farm…

As a fan of wind farms I think that anything that calms down their opponents is a good thing. Reducing the taxe foncière for a few nearby properties is probably money well spent in the long term.

I’d be interested to know what noise they make… but, although “noise” was mentioned it was not explained/described…

They are quite loud if you are near them. Imagine a normal fan but 100 times bigger and noisier…

And the noise is relentless.

Gosh… not even a reduction in Foncière can make up for nearby residents suffering the noise.

(in my opinion… others area allowed to disagree… :wink:)

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Personally, I think putting them out at sea is the best option .

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There are many such references if you look for them.
Maybe I’m just a bit mutton in my old age but the visual effects seem, to my way of thinking, to bear more impact…

My hearing is not quite as acute as it was… certainly on some levels.
However, whilst I might have difficulty understanding my favourite screen actors due to the background music… (and so many folk mumble…)
I can still be woken at night by the bleep bleep of a neighbours freezer ( as happened recently).

OH couldn’t hear it, said it was my imagination… but it was driving me nuts.
In the end, I walked the streets (no hysterics please) at 2am until I located where the faint bleep “in my head” was coming from… some 400 metres away.
My delightful neighbour was pleased (eventually!!) as he had left his freezer wide open by mistake…

I am wondering about the noises on certain levels, which are not always noticed by the general public, but which can certainly cause problems to some folk. I think there was a case in UK years ago of something similar.

Without doubt, with some hearing loss some sounds can be quite painful - I have a friend who is partially deaf and she has trouble explaining to people that it is possible to still hear certain noises / pitches of noise that hurt her ears.

When Vita, our Airedale, started to go deaf we didn’t realise, we just saw the effect, which was she climbed the wall at the sound of a kitchen timer going off and the buzzers on University Challenge - in the end we had to watch it with just subtitles and the sound off! Now she’s stone deaf none of that is a problem.

good lord… that takes me back to my childhood… we used to sit enthralled… and my little brother would yell out the answers before any of us could blink (he put us all to shame).
I think he knew the Arthur Mee’s encyclopedias off by heart… :roll_eyes:

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Sadly the question writers seem to have gone off the boil - last night’s seriously embarrassing question was to identify different types of embroidery stitch from illustrations - really??? :thinking: (When I say “last night” we were watching an episode I’d recorded)

Good grief !!

I think the question setters have been transferred from Pointless. Jeremy Paxman is beginning to look very bored with it all. I think it may be past its use by date - sadly.

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that’s probably it.

Maybe they’ll do re-runs… on Youtube… the old episodes were excellent…

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