Taxe Fonciere & Taxe Habitation......How much!

We have received our taxe fonciere bill and nearly collapsed with how much it is. We do own our home which is a barn conversion and two gites properties all on the same site. Our home is complete and so is one of the gites, but the second gite is just basically a shell. We are on a pretty low income, and claim RSA from CAF. We have two children under 16 and I was just wondering is anybody out there knows if we should be entitled to any reduction due to our finanical circumstances and the kids etc. If so how would we need to go about getting any reductions and a revised bill.

Any advice would be gratefully received!

Thanks Claire. I have read something on '' their info pages said that there was a reduction because we are on a low income and claim RSA. But I cannot find any link or info on the impots website or any other French website. Do you have any link of do you know if there is a particular name to this kind of reduction / entitlement.

I have been in the Tax office already, but was turned away because I didn't speak enough French. Do you think they would action a letter if I wrote to them with my best French!

I just remembered - you can go the your tax office and get a reduction on your taxe fonciere, as you are on the RSA. Try to do this as soon as possible, as it needs to be done before the 31st December. Good luck.

Hi Jane

here's a link in English with regards to the principles of the TF and the TdH, the limits for reductions etc. The forms that they mention can be downloaded from the internet or you can get all the paperwork together and get an appointment with your local tax-office ASAP....

Well...our tax d'habitation has just arrived and its gone up by 300 euros in one go....! we own a converted barn with a disused run down pigonniere and one and a half acres of land......I am based in the its just my husband living at the house....and he is retired on a pension.... truly... if anyone wants to buy a converted barn...tell me now!

With Val, look at the post she recommends. I just posted our payment whilst out this morning. Ours went down from last year! Last year we tried finding out about children, then 8 and 10, but hit a brick wall. All we did eke out of the maire's secretary was that if people pay too much then they get a rebate but when, how and the nuts and bolts of it got lots of shrugs and protruded lower lip.

I am sure that the taxe d'habitation can be reduced, or indeed, can be zero. Unfortunately, though, taxe fonciere has to be paid - you can speak to your tax office to arrange payment in several stages, but it is best to do this as quickly as possible. Good luck, we are in the same boat! Don't forget to talk to the tax office about the taxe d'habitation.

Hi Jane,

I'm actually waiting in dread for my bills to land on the doormat. I'm the single mum of a little boy so if anything outrageous comes through the door, I'm stuffed basically.

I wasn't sure if you had seen this thread where the discussion is similar but possibly more age oriented. However there are some very useful links being provided by members which might give you a starting point. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.