Taxe Habitatopn: discounts

Hi Everyone,

I need to take my 2013 bill to the nice people at the Tresor Publique as I believe I'm entitled to some discounts. I understand the discount if you have kids is 10 - 15% per cjild. My son was born on the 16th January 2013. Does anyone know if the discount would apply because he wasn't born before 31st Dec 2012?

Also, to get income related discounts, do I need to provide my income and taxes for 2011 or 2012?

Any advice on this would be most welcome


Just one other point, if it is not your residence principale, then no rebates are applied and you pay full rebtaes applies to residences secondaires in a 'habitable condition' (that is has a bed etc and you could comfortably stay there...)

Trésor public with a c because it is le trésor. Le xyz public, la xyz publique. Yes, it looks weird. I'm telling you in case you ever need to write them a cheque ;-)

Morning Rebecca

Go to Useful Links (link at top of page) and scroll right down almost to the bottom and you'll find a section on taxation including local taxes. The local taxes section deals specifically with rebates and you may find what you want to know there.

income related reductions/exonerations are applied automatically from your avis d'imposition sur les revenus (from your revenu fiscale de reference) and it's concerning people living in the house on 1 January

Thank you Veronique, I'll take the birth certificate with me when I go to the TResor Publique just in case :)

He wasn't resident in the house as a separate person on January 1st so he won't count, I'd say. My daughter born on January 4th didn't! I'd go & see the Trésor Public people and ask them for a list of all the documents you need and explain the situation to them, get the name of the person you talk to and arrange to see that same person when you come back with everything and they will be nice as pie.