Taxes d’Hab Increases

My Taxes d’Hab & F have been increased By a ridiculous amount this year. True, I have made a few improvements to my old house but it’s still very modest and still the same size and configuration. I’m sure there are owners of larger, plusher properties who are paying less. I don’t understand why they’ve done this which makes it hard to challenge but my gut feel is that they’ve done a “finger in the air” assessment. Are there any people around who provide a service to help appeal against this as I feel there must be a mistake either on my part or on the authority’s part ? Thanks in anticipation , Keith

Take last years and this years to your local Impots and ask them to explain why.

Ours only increased by 1%.

14.8% increase for us this year thanks to our mayor who said we needed to bring our towns property taxes in-line with other communes in the area.

My Tax F and Tax H have each gone up by 65% which seems a tad excessive to me. Anyway, I was more interested in whether there may be somewhere I can go to get help on this rather than how small/large other people’s rises were.

Yes, the tax office, go to your local tax office and ask them why your taxes have shot up. No one on here can tell you why, but your local Impot can.