Taxes during property sale

We have a buyer for our holiday house in 71 :smile:. Its likely that the sale will complete end November/beginning Dec (its a cash purchase). I currently pay taxes Fonciere and d’Habitation (being that its a 2nd home). I pay by DD with the tax payments being taken beginning November each year. The buyer of the house is French. Im inclined to cancel the DD for the d’habitation tax as i understand it covers a calendar year. is this wise, i dont want to be beaten up by the authorities! Thank you.

The Tax you are/will be paying is for this current year Jan-Dec 2023… and you’ve got to pay 'em…

You can ask the Notaire if there is any chance of getting the final month (?) back from the Buyer… who knows… don’t ask don’t get… but it is down to you to pay the lot, in the first instance.


Your notaire will split appropriate taxes for the proportion of the year you will have owned the house this year.

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Thanks they are all paid up for 2023.

Oh my… that’s quick… some folk haven’t even received their Taxe Foncière Bill for 2023 yet… let alone paid it… :wink:

and, you’ve received and paid the Taxe d’Hab 2023 as well ??? That’s amazing…

You must have a special relationship with the folk who send out the Bills… :wink: :wink:

I have and paid it.

Indeed - many people have - but also some Departements appear to be rather behind in their biiling, as @stella implies

There has been nofitication in the Press that Tax bills (especially d’Hab) are delayed in various parts of France, due to the Questionnaire which has caused all sorts of hiccups… :wink:

Thus to hear of both Bills being received and paid already … is something of a triumph… :wink:

My Taxe Fonciere bill was issued 31/08/2023 with payment due by 16/10/2023…
No way am I paying that beforehand… I’m guarding my money… :wink:

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