Taxes Foncieres - Adhesion au Telereglement


Last year when I put our Taxes Foncieres through on line they sent me a Adhesion au Telereglement to complete and to send to my bank with a copy of our RIB.

I have recently authorised this years Taxes Foncieres but did not receive this form. Is this because it only needs to be done the once??

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Thanks Jane I think you are doing what I think I have done. So I will just keep authorising when they come through and not worry about the form. I don't know why the tax department after 4 e-mails could not just tell me that. Thanks again :)

We pay both taxes monthly. It comes out of the bank automatically and no worries about forgetting.
I filled in the direct debit forms online. Just needed our account numbers from the year before’s bills. Easy peasy!

I receive notification of the amounts due for all three taxes, I pay them all three on-line the moment I receive notification to ensure I do not forget to pay them, as the money is only taken on the due date, get an electronic receipt of payment and ignore the Adhesion, etc.

You moved in during this year Roland, so do not worry about it. Go to 'useful links' at the top left hand of the home page here and then look for the relevant details. They should put your mind to rest.

I pay all our taxes on line : revenue, founders & habitation.

The first time I paid I had the same form & as they did when I changed accounts. Since then no forms but the money comes out of the bank once I've authorized the payment.

The principal is that you've given them authorization to access your account, BUT they can't take the money out until you give them permission each time, a bit like signing a virtual check. So no worries if you decide not to pay, but then that's another story.

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My OH is worried about being caught out with TF as well. May I ask whether the tax office is automatically contacted when you buy a house? We were told at the Notaire’s office when we bought in January this year that both TF and tax D’Habitation were paid up for the year, but would not like a nasty surprise if we should have been paying all along. My I ask which authority deals with this please?

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OK, not so tricky. They want you to pay annualy by direct debit to your bank, if you completed the form last year then it should be automatic this year. Go to your bank, get them to issue a bank cheque rather than send in one of your own cheques and instruct them what it is all about and not to pay the tax department by any other means, effectively cancelling the direct debit as of when you are there. You can set it up again. It is one of the bureaucratic messes they seem to be absolutely brilliant at creating and then hopeless at remedying. Mention this to my OH and she will go all colours of the rainbow until she reaches purple with rage!

You shouldn't need to re-authorise the prélèvement but obviously need to get into your account to pay online. If you don't get a reply from your local tax office, just send it in with a cheque. ;-)

Hi Andrew

Yes I paid on line. Last year was our first one which is why we had to authorise it with the bank. I'm just not sure if we have to do it again this year. As we do not have 3 identification numbers ie an income tax number I can't get a my space password.

I have tried contacting Sarlat tax department and non resident tax department but am getting nowhere.

Just wanted to know if anyone else had the same experience. I think it should be ok but just want a definitive answer :)

oups perhaps I've misread your post - I pay by prélèvement automatique - I think that's what you're talking about or do you mean on-line payment (although in that case you wouldn't need to authorise anything as you're the one doing it...?)

have a look on the bottom of your taxe foncière - it should say on the tear-off slip that you don't need to do anything as it's done automatically - ours has been for years - it avoids nasty surprises if you forget!