TAXES : Have you heard the latest on Rubbish Tax

I received 2 Invoices recently from the Charges for collecting Normal Rubbish in your Bins.

1. FIRST INVOICE 221euros for your normal collection every 2 weeks for the whole year. 2014 - 2015

2.SECOND INVOICE 114 euros from 2014 - 2015 normal collection, WHY because I put my bin for collection more than 18 times during the past year, Can you believe this.

Did any other people have this same Invoice, I would love to hear. What is the matter with these Tax People. So now either you keep a record of how many times you put your bin out for collection.

OR you burn your rubbish. I know what I am going to do.

Too much packaging and non-recyclable plastic!

couldn't agree long as they got the figures right. The "pole tax" being a fine example of when they didn't. Our recycling bin is chocker block usually within a few hours of being emptied. I can't imagine where they get all from. I have a composting area and it's amazing what can go in that. Paper, cardboard etc. Granted you have to cut it up a bit. Unfortunately I haven't reaped the benefits of said year hopefully.

We are going over to having our bins weighed and charged by the kilo, it starts in January on a years trial then full on the year after, we have a large bin at the cematery up the hill which often is filled by people too idle to go to the decheterie, I expect it will either be removed or filled again by wednesday lunchtime.

I think you're all talking a load of old rubbish!

We have two rubbish and one recycling collection per week and two bin washings per year all included in the Tax Fonciere! Never had an invoice for rubbish collection in 8 years, hope it continues.

I think I need a trip to the mairie. We moved in in May and there was a wheelie bin waiting in the garden, so we have been putting it out each week along with 1/2 yellow bags of recyclable stuff. It sounds like we could have a big bill due!

Our bins are on a route touristique, so campervans etc. put their rubbish in our bins.

One of the main problems is that France is way behind in its recycling of plastics and it is very unclear which can be recycled. You cannot recycle an item because it has the pensez au tri label on it. I have noticed that many plastic items now say that they must be included in the household rubbish.

We are being asked to pay because France cannot get its act together.

Laraine, I expect that you will still be charged for it nevertheless.

I don't think this is a charge you can avoid.

If you are served by the USTOM du Castillonais et du Reolais as I think you may be then join the association which is working to find a better solution than that of the current USTOM. See

As from the age of 16, a French-based member of the 'gens du voyage' must be registered at a town-hall, village hall, etc. He must also have his 'circulation' document stamped every three months.

He must also pay €150 taxe d'habitation per annum to cover for community costs such as the treatment of household waste.

I don't see how the French government could charge tourists for their bags of rubbish. That would just encourage the tourists to chuck the bags in the woods or in some field.

I have lived here for 26 years, I have never had such a large invoice, also it is not a second home.

I just won't use the Rubbish Bin Service again. We have one bag of rubbish a week if that, there is only 3 of us in the family

I paid €101 for this year, and was given from the Mairies office, 2 rolls of 25litre black sacks, printed in such a way that makes it obvious they are the special ones! 25 litre because only 1 person in house. A couple/family gets 2 rolls of 50l sacks. the bin Lorr y arrives about 10.30 Monday mornings. It reminds me of the U.K. with one driving and one hopping on and off from the back! We have about 4 wooden square recycling bins like bottle banks, at end of village, very close to the children’s little play park - not very hygienic!

I take paper, milk cartons and plastic water bottles to them, using my log trolley! knew it would be useful! The bins fill up quite quickly, as they Re for about 600 villagers. A couple a Ros the road from me have to large dogs, and every week their own domestic wheelie bin if fully loaded with black sacks, so don’t know if they have to pay extra! it’s not possible for me to recycle absolutely everything, but because there’s no where for plastic bags themselves to go, they go in my weekly rubbish sacs!

The infrastructure is there whether you use it or not. Not many places give reductions to second home owners so it sounds more than fair to me.

I put the bin out 4 times a year, I get a 20% reduction for the price of 52 times a year!!!!!

Tell me that's fair?

Our bin collection here in Brittany (29) is covered by the tax Fonciere, we pay about €800 ish per year inc. We have to separate recyclables from normal stuff and take it all to one of the large skip type bins dotted all over the place. No big deal though, and they also give us as many of the yellow re cycling bags as we want ….gratis. Think it is a great system. I can see the merits in pay per collection for second home owners , as mentioned by Laraine, but obviously this penalises permanent residents. I too think I would have a few more bonfires……

Like David we have to get rid of the rubbish to the centralised collection points (one at each end of the village).

We have no collections from house. You take all your rubbish to wheelie bins. There are plenty of second homes and the owners have to pay for the full service even if they are empty 48 weeks a year, thus subsidising the rest. There are easily over 100 second homes in our quite small population village. There is a good decheterie but it's only open three half days a week. (Just been reduced by one half day). The service is pretty good though and it's shared with other communes.

Me too Steve, about the same charge for communal bins. We villagers have been (politely) asked by our mayor to deposit our bags in the bins on the day of collection which means keeping them in the house for up to a week; this, apparently, to minimise the smell from the bins.

However, we have seen passing campervan and caravan owners (all nationalities) depositing their rubbish bags during all times. I understand that they have a need to get rid of their rubbish but aren't there designated deposit places for these itinerants to use? They don't pay our tax! Some people have suggested putting locks on the bins but that's impracticable surely?

in parts of Alsace your bin is weighed as it's tipped into the dustbin lorry and you're charged per kilo of rubbish. Bins have locks on them to stop people putting their rubbish in neighbours' bins!