Taxes help urgently needed

We have a taxe bill to pay but haven’t got a French bank account and we’re currently in UK.
How can we pay it - online etc?

Taxe Fonciere?

You can pay online - (links in the info on the TF paperwork) - you will need the Numero Fiscal and the reference which are on the first page.

Not sure whether you need a French bank account - you will need an IBAN and the demand will be in euros.

Armed with the relevant reference numbers from the tax bill, you should be able to instruct your (presumably UK) bank to make an electronic payment direct to the taxation authority. Probably won’t be cheap, but it should be possible.

I have failed!
I have the bill, but the online system won’t accept my bank payments.
There is no iban number on the bill to send them a payment
What do I do?

IBAN is your international bank account number and can be found on your bank statement. You should then be able to pay your Fonciere online.

A telephone call or e-mail to your taxation authority should be able to elicit their bank account details and thus enable you to make a payment to them through your UK bank.
Alternatively, do you have a friend with a french bank account who could send a cheque on your behalf ?