Taxes, Social charges etc

I feel that I am in the land of limbo. Contact HM Customs & Excise to state I live in France. Last yr I had no Revunue tax to pay in France but I duly paid after a great struggle, my Taxe Fonciere. Tried my best to pay my Tax d’Habitation but didnt get any response.

Accordingly my pension providers have stopped deducting tax but the French tax authorities have yet to commence taking it.

I am just sit back and wait. At least I know that I have done my best.

Christine - not a good idea to just sit back and wait - pop along to your local tax office and talk to them.

Thanks for your response. However I completed both the UK HM Customs &
Revenue forms a a mirror image French one. I had a meeting at my tax
office Jan. 2016 and handed these in at a meeting with one of their staff.
He checked them and agreed they were in order. He advised me matters are
now in the hands of these parties to sort out as he has no way of knowing
what to tax me until he received their instuctions.

Anyway I live regrettably in a remote village with no car or public
transport so it entails getting a taxi.

All of these are the least of my priorities as I am recouperating from a
serious operation and have a nurse visiting everyday. Life can be a

Kind regards

When did you arrive in France? The tax year in France is 1 Jan to 31 Dec and you submit details of income during that year the following May. So if you only arrived during 2016 or the very end of 2015, you’ll be due to complete your first French tax return this May.

Don’t wait for someone to knock on your door with your forms, because in France it is everybody’s personal responsibility to take the initiative and submit their tax return each year when it’s due, it isn’t the tax office’s responsibility to chase people. But all the forms can be downloaded from the internet nearer the time, so if you know which forms you need and how to fill them in you won’t need to move from the house.

Thanks for your response.