Taxi fares!

How do French taxi fares work?
We attended a wedding recently in the Dordogne. Pick up was after midnight to take us to our hotel.
Checked it next day and it was 13.3 miles door to door; took 25 minutes in the traffic; 6 people in the taxi.
€90… Yes €90 The bar bill was less than that?
Can anyone offer any explanation.

Perhaps try racking up a higher bar bill!

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Well, I paid 78 euro for a taxi… the journey took just under 1 hour… and it was normal time of day…

but I did ask the approximate price of the fare before I got in the cab… thankfully, I had enough in my wallet. :relaxed:

My one and only taxi ride, here in France… :relaxed::relaxed:

The only time I have ever taken a taxi in France was on my very first visit to view my house…I’d booked a hire car from the airport but it was a bit of a disaster to say the least…totally and utterly stranded I was eventually rescued by a French taxi driver who took me to my hotel…took me to the port to exchange GBP for euros…took me to view my house 65 miles away…endured my school girl French for hours…waited whilst I viewed my house and took me back to the agent whilst I signed to buy…took me back to my hotel again 65 miles away and then picked me up to take me back to the airport so I didn’t miss my flight back to uk…I’d say he was an angel in disguise and he earned every cent…x :slight_smile:

There is bound to be a premium after midnight same as U.K…???

Edited to add…€180 all told…

I do sometimes have to use taxis. They are certainly not cheap in France even in the day time

Or he fancied you, Cynique? Moi?

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Lol…that’s really funny Paul…I think the poor man was mentally exhausted and probably glad to see the back of me…lol…

I do always look out for him when I pick my kids up from Dinard airport…and would wave a cheery hello if I saw him…maybe he’s seen me before I see him and pulled down his visor…??? x :smiley:


Here in our part of Burgundy, from the train station to the village we live in (10km), night rate is 30€ standard charge. Mrs Wozza, has had Taxis which have come from various villages & some from +/- 30km. I think the rates are governed by the Prefecture in our area.

After midnight, a six passenger cab, €15 each. Is that expensive? I’ve used very few taxis in my life but when I have I’ve always found them expensive. What would you have expected to have paid?