TBBC -- Dedene N.-C. --- The Lovely Bones and My Life in France

Hello All,

I won't repeat what I already wrote. It looks like I've got a taker for The Lovely Bones.

Anyone interested in Julia Child's My Life in France?

I'm looking for any good, grisly murder mystery!!!


TBBC My Life in France by Julia Child. I’ve just finished reading this Dedene, thank-you so much. It was a fascinating insight not only into the making of a cookery reference book and the story of a marriage and friendships, but also into Europe in the grim post-war years. Amazing the quantities that people used to eat and drink…and then get in their cars and drive. A treat for foodies and francophiles…who’s next? If you’d like to read this pm me your address and I’ll post it to you, then you read it and tell us what you thought and pass it on…

Mine too. Didn’t think of sending it as a heavy letter. You’ll have to charge your husband a fee for “borrowing” your book!

I’ll try that next time Wendy. I sent mine colissimmo @5.5€


Hi Dedene, Just to say thank-you for My LIfe in France, which arrived this morning. However my husband has pinched it, so it may be a while before I get to read it. By the way, I posted my book in a Jiffy Bag and it went as a letter for just 3.15 euros, The Colissimmo must have been quite expensive??

That’s so funny Dedene! Right…you now have a taker for your Julia Child…I’ll pm my address.


For a good laugh, you must have a look at the following videos. You’ll get a real flavor of Julia’s quirky personality.


Bon appetit!!

Thanks Dedene, I have to say I’ve never come across her books, she sounds a bit like Elizabeth David who introduced the flavours of the Mediterranean to drab post-war Britain - I wonder if they ever met! Until ED came along, olive oil was sold in small bottles in chemists for dealing with earache… I still refer to her books all the time, particularly Italian Food.

Indeed, the Julia Child book is not taken. Julia Child was one of the foremost cooking experts in the United States during the 70s, 80s & 90s. She introduced French cuisine to the American housewife. My Life in France details her coming to France in the 1950s, discovering French cuisine and braving her way into Le Cordon Bleu to get a cooking diploma.

Julie Powell, a blogger, challenged herself to make every recipe in Julia Child’s unequaled cookbook “Mastering the Art of French Cuisine” in one year – no mean feat! Then she wrote a book about her experience and it was made into a movie, with Meryl Streep. This book and movie relaunched the interest in Julia Child and her cookbook. Mastering the Art of French Cuisine was re-released and so was My Life in France.

The cookbook is really amazing, if people are interested in French cooking. But I don’t have a copy – sorry!

Is the Julia Child still up for grabs Dedene? Let me know and I’ll add some more info about her, maybe she’s not very well known in the UK.

Sounds right up my alley! Gad, I sound ghoulish, don’t I? HA! I’ll send you my address by PM.




Hello again Dedene
The Peter James books are not quite torn up and fully readable if your inerterested. Looking good dead is the first in the series and without giving too much away, based on snuff movies. Very tense.