TBBC Ma Grand-Mère Toinon: souvenirs d'un paysan. In French, set near Chef Boutonne

Born in Chef Boutonne in 1857 Gaud recalls his childhood and particularly his grandmother. I read this a long time ago and particularly enjoyed his portrayal of country life in the Deux Sèvres in the mid 19th century. There's a lovely part about fishing for crayfish in the in the stream near Javarzay. Because we bought a house that had belonged to a very elderly lady, who had lived without modern conveniences (no cooker, toilet, TV, shower.....) I imagined that she must have lived very much as Toinon did. The latter part of the book is less interesting, but you can always skip that.

Remember the first person to ask gets the book posted to them, reads it, then passes it on. See my previous posts on on the Book Chain for more info.


I will find something - most books are shared around the other English ladies in the village, and Eddy reminded me some of his books are actually Grandma’s and there are other cousins waiting in the wings. Watch this space!

Excellent, I hope you enjoy it…looking forward to seeing some of your children’s books (or anything really) in the book chain…

Morning Wendy, the book has arrived, many thanks. Jacqui

That would be great Jacqueline and I’m sure the children’s books would be much appreciated too, we can certainly give it a go.

Thanks Wendy, I will have a rummage through the shelves! Do you think something similar to this would work for children. We have quite a few or actually rather a lot of good quality childrens books, boys aged up to 10 including Michael Morpurgo. I won’t throw them away, but it is difficult to find somewhere in France to recycle them.

Hi Jacqui, I guessed you’d be first in line! PM me your address and I’ll post it to you. If you’ve got anything you’d like to offer for other members, that would be lovely. Bon weekend, Wendy

Wendy this looks really interesting, especially as we live near to Chef. My French is probably up to it, but it will be a slow read.