Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Well I'm pleased with myself! Over the past 3 months during siesta time I've managed to complete the 120 hour Teaching English as a Foreign Language Advanced course. I took 2 specialisms, firstly Young Learners, which I thought would be useful with my little ones & certainly gave me a few fun learning activties to try out with them and secondly Professional English.

The latter may come in useful in the future if I decide to teach English to French adults, I will aim at professionals or potential University students given my background as a Chartered Accountant, Computer Science graduate and10 years working in the Financial Services industry. I think I'd be able to cover a range of useful 'business related' subjects to equip non-English speakers or those wanting to improve their English in order to work professionally in an Anglo-speaking role. So when my 3 girls eventually all go to our local school I now have an option of something to fit in around them.

I found the course a challenge at times as I was one of the kids taught phonetic English with not a lot of focus or attention on good old English grammar and as such I had to learn a few aspects of the English language that whilst used in everyday speech - I couldn't actually have identified, the correct form. However, this has been extremely useful for learning French too as I can now identify my learning needs from the French language as once again, whilst I can speak fluently, I do struggle in certain complex areas of grammar and tend to skirt around these weaker areas rather than addressing them.

If you'd like to do the online course with TEFLExpress they sent me a buddy link which gives you the discounted price of £99: TEFL Course please enter this code: Buddy1704711267 and I'll ensure the full referral goes to supporting Survive France Network - as this is how I found out about TEFL Express in the first place (Thank you Sheila!)

I can highly recommend TEFLExpress and the beauty is you can do it from home whenever you have the time! If I can do it with 2 toddlers and a newborn at home then I'm sure you can do it too if you want to. The support team on the TEFLExpress Facebook page have been excellent.

Have a go & Good Luck!

Thanks for this Suzanne. Funnily enough I was intending to do this sort of course this winter as there is quite a high demand in the aeronautical secteur for professional English. :)

Well done Suzanne, and I'm delighted to have played a (small) part in this success story. :-)

Yay, congratulations Suzanne. I appreciate how difficult it must have been finding the time with little ones running around. I can vouch for the TEFL Express course - I qualified in the 120 hour advanced about a month ago. Very well structured site. Haven't had the opportunity to use it yet but nice to know it's there should the need arise that'll get me a bit of pocket money.