Teaching English in France

Just to let you know that I have created a ‘free’ website to support English teachers in France.

The name of my business is L’Art de l’Anglais, and the address is www.lartdelanglais.co.uk. It is particularly geared to young learners who get very little exposure to mother tongue English in primary school - and although the activities are in English, the site itself is in French to make it easier for French speakers to access. If you need any info or have any suggestions - let me know.

I am planning to create ‘levels’ at some stage - but am too busy at the minute. I am also thinking of running workshops for English speakers wanting to teach English here - let me know if you’re interested. I am usually more free during the summer holidays than the rest of the year.



Thanks guys - so nice. & such quick responses. Unfortunately it used to be better until PBS and others limited their broadcasting to their own countries - very mean spirited. Some of the links maybe out of date - but now I know some people other than my own students appreciate it, I might find some time to tidy it up a bit. Enjoy the weekend.

You’ve made a stunning job! Even useful for my kids too!

Ann, that’s brilliant! I love the blackboard look and the fonts too… as well as the colour-coding! A fantastic resource!!