Teaching job available

I'm looking to hire someone who is ideally ex-air force, although a civilian is a possibility and who would like a part time teaching job two or three times a year. This is to provide an intensive training course and the sessions will be between 3-5 days. The job is based in the 64 and the person must be a native English speaker.

Please PM me for details.



Hi Catharine

I am interested to find out more. Can you let me know more.

Many thanks

You can Pm me via SFN or email me directly cat@kingswharf.net


Seen this "request".......Interested. Best way to PM you please.

Kind Regards

It's in Bayonne and in the daytime.

I live in 65 which is next door, but have a friend who teaches in the area.


I reckon it is Pyrenees


Hi, where in 64 and is it evenings or daytime.