Teaching music on line

Hi can anyone advise. When I eventually return to my French holiday home can I still see a couple of pupils on line over a couple of weeks maximum stay at our hols home a month ?

As far as I interpret it, the legal position is that you can’t. As a non-european you no longer have the right to work in France, and French labour laws consider you to be working in France if you are physically here. So in theory you would probably need to have a working visa or visa for a travailleur saissonnier if such a thing exists for self-employed.

The other issue is the tax implication - but there are treaties that allow a small amount of télétravail in France if you are employed and resident elsewhere in europe, so may there is the equivalent for the UK. That I don’t know.

The reality is probably very different… even the French administration would probably throw up its hand in horror at the work required to make this sort of activity fully legal. The issue of digital nomads has yet to be properly addressed in french labour law.

You could ask the french embassy in London…

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HUGE difference between doing it for a couple of weeks while on holidays and living and working here for months on end imo. Mr law probably says differently though :rofl: