Tech Chat Tuesday - Free interactive web conferences


If anyone is interested in learning some new skills then here is a great opportunity to do so.

Nick and Steve Morton will be hosting the event. I’ve known Nick since the early days of SF and he is a tech guru. This is going to be a Skype group chat on Tuesday night at eight pm. If you want to attend send a message to @james or @codfather with your Skype user ID

This first episode will be be about internet security at an intermediate level.

If you have any queries, ask below :slight_smile:

Here’s what they have to say about it;

With us all stuck at home at the moment, finding something moderately interesting to do or chat about is getting harder as the days/weeks pass.

If you have an interest in technology or computing specifically. Would you like to join Nick Aurelius-Haddock and Steve Morton for a ‘Tech Chat’ on Skype Tuesday evening (14 April) at about 8pm local time?

We will not be there to solve your latest Windows 7,8,10 problem… there are plenty of resources on line for those already. But if you want to discuss and understand the vagaries of Linux, Mac, and general on-line tech then I’m sure we will have plenty to discuss.

To join in you will need to contact one of us so we know who to ‘add’ to the Skype chat.

Ideally you just need a microphone and a pair of head/earphones to avoid echo on the Skype audio. A webcam isn’t required, but it will be friendly to pop up on video so we know who we are chatting with.

Nick and I have known each other for a number of years and we both have extensive experience in the field of technology of one sort or another…

Depending on the response we might do this as a regular thing.


Don’t have remotely the tech savvy to join this, but applaud the initiative and strongly urge those that can collaborate to do so. A trustworthy source. Will look forward to dummy-level outcomes! :+1::hugs:


It does sound that this will be above my fading knowledge - good idea for those who can.

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Tonight’s chat will all be about internet browser security , this will be all very friendly and inclusive so you are more than welcome. We may touch on so far more complex things as we progress, but you can pick and choose.


You’re a very kind fish :blowfish:, but I don’t know where I sit on the inclusivity scale, Aurelius. I have an inkling I’m probably off it :smiley:

I think good internet security necessitates the avoidance of disclosing any private information about oneself or one’s family online wherever possible. The bad guys out there harvest these details which can be very handy for identity theft etc. This is why I was very reluctant to provide my full name for this forum.

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Well I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that some of our tech gods who are members, and indeed Nick himself, have no problem providing this info on this particular site :slight_smile:

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I’m very careful what information I post online too, however, for those with malicious intent it would be fairly trivial to find a list of peoples names, you would not be able to do much with that alone I don’t think. You are right to be cautious of course.

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@Mat_Davies @Peter_Goble @MichaelL

Can I count you three in for tomorrow night’s talk? Beginner level this time so no excuse!

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Gotta be an improvement on Netflix… :roll_eyes:, shall need a reminder of time and sign-in details… and just to be fussy I only have my mobile and no mic, have to hold my phone in my hand so after fifteen minutes my arm is ready to drop off, if I don’t drop off anyway :pensive:… but will be a bit of a gas to see you guys… codfather :fish:, mat :hugs:

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Thanks for arranging the Tech chat tonight James - I enjoyed it and thankfully it was of a suitably low level that even I could keep up!


‘Codfather’ (aka Nick Aurelius-Haddock @codfather) excelled, what a great 45 minutes, so much explored and explained. For me, passwords have become a tangled nightmare, and this session was very reassuring, but also sobering to know how exposed I am.

Also very nice to hear the voices and see the congenial features of fellow SF subscribers and friends-in-the-making-of :hugs::coffee::+1:

Surely a venture others could try out using Skype…?


Yes it was good fun, and great to meet everyone. We can keep going week by week to make things ever more secure and then we can move on to all sorts of other topics so everyone can enjoy their IT safely and securely. I think next weeks talk we be really interesting for everyone, and Steve can give us a demo of his setup once I have gone through what pi-hole is and why everyone really needs it on their home system.

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I am keen to join the next talk. Is it still on tomorrow evening? If so, will it be on Zoom or Skype and what time will it be.

Tuesday not Monday and on Skype I think…


Yes I’m losing track of days!

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You’re not the only one !

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Yes, tomorrow night at 8 via Skype, this is the link

There is a FB page for the event too

Just so everyone knows we will be doing a Linux install on a virtual machine (a reasonably straight forward process) - so everyone can go and have a play at home without affecting their machines. With Microsoft moving all of it’s apps now over to either the Web or to Mac and Linux - there has never been a better time to learn about the free alternative that drives the Internet and could drive your Laptop or desktop.

Hi Nick I will try to be there but getting social pressure from other to go and enjoy a beer!

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