Technology & Us (Just for Fun)

(Jason Roberts) #1

Hello All
Thought I would start a little discussion on technology and the effect it has on us as humans. I have read a number of articles about how obese children are becoming in the UK and how sedentary people are in general compared to many years ago. The new technology trends, applications by the thousands, GPS and mobile communications. I have spoken to some friends and contacts on facebook to see what feedback they had regarding how technology effects us.

Now is technology like fashion? Yes I believe so take a look at the trends here. Bluetooth for mobile phones, ear pieces that make people look like they are from Starship trooper and going mad by talking to themselves. Mobile phones with apps, mp3 players and yes it does also act as a mobile phone. The new Mac ipad ”wow” over 200K applications available do we really need that many probably not in all reality. Tactile technology in a super slick design thin and light, yes the military have been using tactile technology for many years so nothing new there. But what makes Mac different well it is style and design that is all, Mac are good at hitting niche markets that’s why they do so well (“style and design”). Every TGV in France within the next month will be full of Mac ipad users with their new toys no doubt comparing how much Go they have.

The GPS yes what fun that is having either a man or woman voice telling you where to go then getting it wrong, after say turn left, turn right numerous times only to send you back the way you came. How many people know how to read a map or even the principles of navigation such as magnetic variation? Not so many. Has the GPS taken the fun out of being lost and exploring?
Children getting fatter by the minute worldwide because they can now play sports on game systems such as PS2, X-Box and Wii. People spending too many hours behind a computer getting more unhealthy by the minute. Sedentary lifestyle is the biggest contributing factor which leads to Coronary heart disease.

I bet many of you reading this could remember many more phone numbers than you do now and also had far more adaptable thinking skills. You see all these new trends and technology will be surpassed by another, one day it will be cool and trendy for you to pick up your mobile phone and put it to your ear for conversation. Sitting on a train and reading a newspaper instead of tapping away on your tactile Mac. Have we become slaves to technology?