TED Talk... Three Kinds of Bias That Shape Your Worldview; recommended (less than 15 minutes)

Hi, I just watched this and thought it was worth recommending. It’s not long and the speaker is very engaging and interesting to listen to. Cheers.

V interesting, I teach about the DKE, confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance, I think the more my pupils are aware of unconscious bias the better they are equipped to question their assumptions and that’s a useful thing to learn before you embark on higher education/work/whatever.

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It is an interesting talk and the idea of extending/widening one’s radius (and the linked graphic) was particularly useful.

I found his mannerisms very distracting though: keeping his left hand in his trouser pocket throughout the talk made me wonder if he had an upper limb disability, and his raising his fingers pensively to his chin periodically provoked the maddening thought “when will he do it again”?

Did anyone else notice these mannerisms or think them odd?

I suspect he is a natural arm waver and has been told to stop it because it is distracting, so that is what he does instead.

That’s rather my own impression as well, Véronique. I found it almost distressing to watch, and I thought I saw a kind of distress signal in his putting his fingers to his chin: “I’m being stifled, I"m being closed down”.

Perhaps I’m being over-imaginative, or projecting.