It is fair to say we are all knackered today as our little one is teething again and woke us up at 5am. We tried Dolodent which she says yum yum to but I'm not sure how much it stops the pain, so eventually gave her some Nurofen for babies. She has gone to bed tonight without dinner as she won't eat and she refused her milk too so we are expecting a very early alarm tomorrow am.

We've tried giving her a frozen teething ring which she just plays with, bonjela (the old UK favourite), bickipegs (cardboard biscuits for teething which she effectively says beurk to) and now we can't think of anything else.

We are very open to suggestions for UK or French based products as we can get hold of both easily.


UK Stores Delivering Overseas

2 top teeth have popped out…hurray!

It was 4am…luckily with a bottle of milk & some cuddles she went back to sleep by 4.30am. Mummy on the other hand couldn’t get back to sleep until 6.30am after which I was woken up again to the sounds of my little one shouting for Daddeee… At least she wasn’t in pain then. I must try camillia again - I used this when she was first teething but I don’t have any with us at the moment, worth a try. Will also look at Nelson…granules to see if they have a different content. Thanks x

My eldest was dire and the only thing we found that worked was homeopathic teething granules (Nelson?) - the plus point is you can’t overdose on them…

They worked brilliantly for her and the others - good luck! x