Telepeage for Tolls

Hello Everyone,
I am American who recently bought a house in the Charente-Maritime. Since I recently also bought a car in France (to go along with the house), I would like to obtain a telepeage to make dealing with tolls easier. In the states, this is very easily done-- you can simply buy one at a “big box” or department store and link it to a credit card. How does one procure a transponder in France? Where do you go and what do you need to provide to obtain one? I realize that few things are simple in France, so I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks.

You can buy online or on the autoroutes.
There are special places at the largest aires where you can buy them.
There will be a sign telling you if this facility is available.
I live in Burgundy , so I am not sure which provider serves the Charente.
Try Google.
Good luck.

We use Bip and Go which works across France and into Spain.

Do you really plan to use motorways that much? Even tho’ they only cost maybe 30€ a year it has never seemed worth it to me for the few extra seconds gained. Apart from the red weekends in summer we’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes at a toll.

We got ourselves a télépéage badge which we used successfully for a few years before settling permanently. We only got charged in the months we actually used it…

There are many different ones to choose from… depends what suits you best…