Telepeage for Tolls

(Paul Jacks) #1

Hello Everyone,
I am American who recently bought a house in the Charente-Maritime. Since I recently also bought a car in France (to go along with the house), I would like to obtain a telepeage to make dealing with tolls easier. In the states, this is very easily done-- you can simply buy one at a “big box” or department store and link it to a credit card. How does one procure a transponder in France? Where do you go and what do you need to provide to obtain one? I realize that few things are simple in France, so I would appreciate any help you could give me. Thanks.


(Jane Williamson) #2

You can buy online or on the autoroutes.
There are special places at the largest aires where you can buy them.
There will be a sign telling you if this facility is available.
I live in Burgundy , so I am not sure which provider serves the Charente.
Try Google.
Good luck.


(Graham Lees) #3

We use Bip and Go which works across France and into Spain.


(Jane Jones) #4

Do you really plan to use motorways that much? Even tho’ they only cost maybe 30€ a year it has never seemed worth it to me for the few extra seconds gained. Apart from the red weekends in summer we’ve never had to wait more than a few minutes at a toll.


(stella wood) #5

We got ourselves a télépéage badge which we used successfully for a few years before settling permanently. We only got charged in the months we actually used it…

There are many different ones to choose from… depends what suits you best…